Happy Canada Day Locksmith Toronto

Happy Canada Day From Matrix Locksmith Toronto Matrix Locksmith team would like to wish you A HAPPY CANADA DAY ! Please stay safe and enjoy the festivity of this very Happy day . As the last few month being so uncertain, we are so happy to have Canada day as the reason  to lay back a little and just enjoy the day . Whether you are celebrating with friends or Family or maybe both , please follow the recent pandemic regulation to ensure the safety of us all. 24 Hour Toronto Locksmith During Canada Day As a proud Canadian, I make sure that my team of [...]

Motorcycle Replacement keys – Toronto Locksmith

Motorcycle Replacement keys How to Replace a Lost Motorcycle Key Bike key cut , Replacement motorcycle keys If you have ever owned a motorcycle, you most probably could have experienced losing your motorcycle keys. The fact that you have to carry these keys all the place you go together with the loose chains that could be attached to them are the main reasons as to why you may end up losing your motorcycle keys. Moreover, you may not have lost the motorcycle keys but could have bought a second-hand motorcycle that comes without a key. In either way, having no key to your motorcycle places you [...]

Lock change and Lock Re-key by a Professional Locksmith

Lock change and Lock Re-key all you need to know  How does a Lock Smith can help with lock change service? Locks are made to provide security to objects and premises. However, there arise diversifies reasons why people need the services of a locksmith in changing locks. These may include: Losing a lock key Moving to a new house Want to restrict occupants of the house Attempted to break into the lock Worn out and difficult to work with lock keys. Need to occasional change of locks for maximum security Lock change services from locksmiths are widely available in Toronto. You can easily get a locksmith to replace your locks [...]

How do I get a replacement key for my Honda motorcycle?

Lost your Honda Motorcycle key It becomes challenging to reach your destination if you have lost your motorcycle key, Honda motorcycle keys, are a most car keys replacement do not cause a major problem in the grand scheme of things, but they are an annoyance that demands a quick response and immediate attention since you cannot ride your motorcycle without the key. Your local Honda dealership might have the necessary equipment to replace your key, but they might not always be located close to you or have the necessary portable equipment, mobile services to do the job remotely. Our local Toronto locksmith are mobile with all the necessary equipment in their [...]