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This page is ALL About Car key Replacement in Toronto

Looking for car key replacement near me?  have lost your car keys? Or were you a victim to Car theft that is on the rise in Canada, particularly in Toronto, Ontario?

A reliable Emergency locksmith is at your service! For all your car key replacement needs.

So the need for effective yet affordable security solutions for your vehicle has become a number one priority for Matrix Locksmith. 

We are the genuine experts when it comes to creating copies for all your keys, including transponder codes.

We are mobile, providing an on-site car key replacement near me.

Whether you are looking for a Spare car key or need to make sure you have a key copy for a rainy day , our Car locksmith Toronto services can make sure you will have a new working car key replacement  the minute you call us and schedule an appointment .

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If you have to replace your Car keys it means that the original got damaged or lost. 

Not having the original key at hand is a major problem, but it is nothing a qualified locksmith can´t deal with.

Right after you feel your key just snapped inside your door or ignition lock, the first thing that comes to your mind is that having your keys replaced at the dealership is extremely expensive.

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Don´t fret. Calling your local Toronto locksmith will make all the difference in the world in this situation as you can have your car key replaced in no time without breaking the bank. However, you should know which locksmith company can provide a car key replacement  with a flawless copy.

For example. To duplicate a sidewinder car key cutting edge tools are required. Also, you should have access to specific blank keys in order to do the job right. That is why most locksmiths do not offer the service, or charge a lot of money for it. Matrix Locksmith has the best duplication service for laser cut keys in the Greater Toronto Area.

Car Key replacement

Not sure if you have a sidewinder key? Professional Car Key Replacement Locksmith

Car replacement key, sidewinder key type cut and program

You can recognize these keys by just looking at the shaft mini cooper replacement Car keyor blade. It is thicker and they carve it in the center instead of the edges. 

These keys are becoming increasingly popular, even though most locksmiths are finding it hard to keep up with change, as new cutting machines are costly. 

When they encounter a sidewinder lock or key, many will tell you to go to the dealership for a new one. But that is a waste of your time.

Another key type is a Transponder Key
Transponder Replacement Key in Toronto

 Car key cut and program in Toronto with professional Matrix locksmith Team

Transponder key program

In 1990, most of car manufactures and car key professional produced a new line of more secure keys equipped with an electronic transponder chip at the top of the key inside the usually black key shell . 

The chip is signaling the car’s board computer or the immobilizer device, for the car to start the signal ( code) has to match to the code programmed within the immobilizer .

 2012 Mercedes SLS push to start SMART  key replacement. If you lost your Mercedes Key ,

Mercedes key program

Mercedes – Benz designed and produced smart Keys for Vehicles in 1998 

Those keys are also called – An Electronic Access and Authorized of System 

The confornt of the smart keys have changed the key industry , as this was the first time something like this was introduced .

With smart keys , unlocking the car is easy as ever before , you just need to make sure the smart key is nearby the door like in your pocket .

Also , with the Smart keys you can start your car by pushing a button usually next to the steering wheel 

The way this works is , the car’s immobilizer detects the signal send from the key once the code is a match than with a push of a button the car will start .

Another solution once you have misplaced your car key or even a better solution to an arising problem with your existing key that suddenly won’t turn the ignition is ignition replacement , 

Once the locksmith will replace the ignition than he will provide you with a new set of car keys , also might be a case where your ignition jammed and you are having a problem to turn on the car ,

 ignition replacement will be the ideal solution would be to call Toronto Locksmith ASAP for a fast professional ad affordable car key replacement

 Broken key removal from the ignition or a door lock with Toronto locksmith

Broken key extraction form the lock
broken key removal from and ignition or a door lock

If you just got locked out of your car, be it because your key broke or you lost it, have one of our master locksmiths visit you in a mobile unit and perform a laser cut right there for you. Our tools and training make it easy for us to offer extremely competitive prices and the friendliest service. 

If you are in the Toronto Greater Area there is always a Matrix Locksmith mobile unit around the corner for you in case you need to get back in your car right now.

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Frank Wals, Toronto
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“Matrix Locksmith team are incredibly valuable locksmith company for us for years now, they just recently they installed a push bar on our front door , very professional and affordable , Highly recommend!”
Ali, Etobicoke
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“I have a small safe, saw few good reviews on their safe services, I called them got a quote; the guy came and did his thing. Thank you!”
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“Metric Locksmith, Dani, arrived quickly, on time and proceeded to discuss our needs and explained very well the pros and cons of the options for finishing the job. The locks were added and changed quickly, they look great, and work well. Thank you!”
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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”
Patrick, Woodbridge
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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”

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