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Car Key Replacement
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Car Key Replacement

Car theft is on the rise in North America. So the need for effective yet affordable security solutions for your vehicle has become a number one priority for Matrix Locksmith. We are the real experts when it comes to creating copies for all your keys, including transponder codes.

Car Key Replacement Toronto

Car Key Cutting Toronto

If you have to replace your key it means that the original got damaged or lost. Not having the original key at hand is a major problem, but it is nothing a qualified locksmith can´t deal with.

Right after you feel your key just snapped inside your door or ignition lock, the first thing that comes to your mind is that having your keys replaced at the dealership is extremely expensive.

Don´t fret. Calling your local Toronto locksmith will make all the difference in the world in this situation as you can have your car key replaced in no time without breaking the bank. However, you should know which locksmith company is able to replace your car key with a flawless copy.

For example. To duplicate a sidewinder car key cutting edge tools are required. Also, you should have access to specific blank keys in order to do the job right. That is why most locksmiths do not offer the service, or charge a lot of money for it. Matrix Locksmith has the best duplication service for laser cut keys in the Greater Toronto Area.

Not sure if you have a sidewinder?

You can recognize these keys by just looking at the shaft or blade. It is thicker and it is carved in the center instead of the edges.

These keys are becoming increasingly popular, even though most locksmiths are finding it hard to keep up with change, as new cutting machines are costly. When they encounter a sidewinder lock or key, many will tell you to go to the dealership for a new one. But that is a waste of your time.

If you just got locked out of your car, be it because your key broke or you lost it, have one of our master locksmiths visit you in a mobile unit and perform a laser cut right there for you. Our tools and training make it easy for us to offer extremely competitive prices and the friendliest service.

If you are in the Toronto Greater Area, you can be sure there is always a Matrix Locksmith mobile unit around the corner for you in case you need to get back in your car right now.

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