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Locked Keys In My Car
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Locked Keys in Car – Car Lockouts Service Toronto

Car lockout is fairly common. Most car owners have experienced them, and they prove to be one of the most annoying experiences as they tend to happen when we least expect it. When car lockout occurs during winter / cold season it is especially a great risk to the owner.

But worry not! With Matrix Locksmith there is always a trusted lock expert able to open your car in a matter of minutes.

Locked Keys in Car? Our mobile units are ready to answer your call no matter the time or day of the week. Our main concern is that you are always safe. Waiting for assistance under sub-zero conditions is not something to joke about.

Matrix locksmith in Toronto makes sure you have top of the line help, a timely response, and the most competitive prices, to answer your car lockout situation.

We unlock doors, trunks, and ignition cylinders. We also perform rekeying and craft key duplicates right on the spot with our state of the art and portable key cutting machines installed in all of our vans.

Car Lockout Service Toronto Area

You might have heard of people who solve their car lockout issues by opening their car´s door themselves with a coat hanger or a slim Jim. While these techniques might be useful in certain situations, they might prove harmful if performed by inexperienced hands. Besides, they are not considered appropriated tools for the job as they often end up damaging the locking system.

Newer locks are made differently, so these old techniques would actually do more harm than good. Don´t risk having to spend more in repairs and paint jobs just because you believe you will save time and money.

Call your trusted professionals at Matrix Locksmith in Toronto and get back on the road without breaking the bank with our car lockout service in Toronto.

If you lost your keys, we create brand new duplicates right on the spot.

Locked Keys in Car

Locked Keys in Car Service Toronto

It is something very common for any one of us to be confronted with a situation where we are locked out of our car with no clue as to how we can wriggle out. It is also customary for most of us to give it a try; believe us, this can cause more damage to the locking systems.

This situation requires a professional touch to make sure your ignition responds smoothly every time after its replacement.

Credentials necessary

There is another statutory requirement about the trade that we are engaged in. According to the directions of the police department, we cannot just go and provide keys for anyone, anywhere or at any place.

Before the car lockout procedure, or a new car key or replacement is provided, it is required under law to establish the identity of the owner of the vehicle as also his or her ownership of that particular vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle has to provide:

  • Documents to prove their identity

  • Documents to show that he is the legal owner of the vehicle for which the key is being provided.

  • This is to make sure our service is not being used unlawfully.

Matrix locksmith in Toronto makes sure you have top of the line help, a timely response, and the most competitive prices. We have the best Locked Keys in Car service in Toronto.

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