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BMW Key Replacement

BMW Key replacement

What Would You Do If You Lost your BMW KEYS?

A BMW owner, what would you do if you lost your BMW Key, need a BMW key replacement or you need only to get a spare key? You already called the dealership, which is not a bad idea.

While the dealer can provide you the key with a 2 days wait, the processes is long and most likely a couple hundred dollars,

We at Matrix Locksmith have another same day solution! Without the need to town the car, we provide

  • On- board BMW keys programming , this involves programming the system to accept the new key
  • BMW spare key can be also provided. It is always a good idea to have a spare key , to avoid any future emergencies scenarios

The best services for replacement of BMW keys,

Experienced locksmith, will arrive at your destination at any given time of the day and offer you with an BMW key replacement

At your earliest convenience.

If you have lost your key,

Or has broken inside the ignition or the BMW car lock,

Rest assurance our local Car Locksmith will take care of both the key and the lock at no wait time.

 How BMW Keys Work ,  A Snapshot History of BMW Keys

A Snapshot History of BMW Keys

The key of a modern BMW made with a microchip and a security code that identify your car and double secure it, so it difficult to steal the car.

On the technical part long story short,

There are an on-board diagnostics connectors recognizes the right key and allows door opening,

Turning off the ignition or popping the boot.

As a result no other BMW key or in fact any other Car key will not work,

Since each set of keys is a unique to the proper vehicle for which it made.


Where To Call for BMW Key replacement?

Do not worry if you need a BMW Key replacement, we have a team of trained Toronto Locksmith availed 24/7, specializing of replacing lost BMW key.

With equipped marked Locksmith vehicle, servicing Toronto, Richmond Hill and the GTA,

Experts specializing in replacing BMW Keys at your best and earliest convenience,

All you have to do is contact us at 416-877-9297 and have your car ridding back you the road!



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