Canada’s Wonderland: A Favorite Destination
Canada’s Wonderland: A Favorite Destination 2018-04-02T05:35:02-04:00

Ending summer without paying a visit to Canada’s Wonderland? That´s not fair (at least that’s what your kids might think). For thousands of families who come to this premier amusement park every year, it is the thrill of their lives. It isn’t a surprise that Wonderland is a favorite destination for more than 3 million people every year, mainly because of the 16 roller coasters it has.

This park has a lot for everybody. If you are a thrill seeker, you are on the right track: wonderland has 70 thrilling rides, among them the Leviathan, a roller coaster that boasts speeds of 148 km/hour (92 miles/hour) with an eighty degrees drop at 306 feet (93 mts) height.

If you´re not made for banging experiences, maybe you´d like to try milder rides. You´ll enjoy Timberwolf Falls Log Flume and you can relax on the Lazy River.

For the young children, nothing better than Planet Snoopy, with Joe Cool´s Dodgem School and Peanuts 500 hundred Race Track. This park is really wonderful (as its name goes) for the teenager too. The White Water Bay, which is a large, open-airway pool, is for them if they like humidity. For those who prefer drier experiences, there are Tyrannosaurus Rex fights with Triceratops at DinosaurLive! The park, which features over 200 attractions and 330-acre (130 hectares) extension, is divided in 8 zones: Action Zone, International Festival, International Street, KidZville, Medieval Faire, Planet Snoopy, Splash Works and White Water Canyon. Each has features of its own, and it is a fun adventure to discover them.

For the hungry guy, there is always something special in Wonderland. You can opt for the money-saving solution of having a picnic at the Picnic Pavillion or go for some food kiosks that abound around the park. If you choose the Marketplace International Buffet, you won´t be disappointed: get well stuffed in the Medieval Fair with their excellent taco bar, or order a pizza or pasta if you wish. The menu always has something for everyone.

After eating, what´s better than getting entertained by acrobats or comedic clowns at Wonderland Theater. If you happen to visit the park in summer, remember that sun and water sports are close friends, so Splash Works is your place to freshen up, or take a relaxing stroll down the Lazy River. Your kids will love the Kids-only Water Slides. Then, at the end of an enjoyable day for you and your family, get prepared for a real treat. Sunset is the time for Starlights Spectacular: illumination of Water. This treat is a gorgeous spectacle of lights and music accompanied by a crispy, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth treat known as “funnel cake”. In the park, at closing time, they keep pumping out lots of them until everyone leaves satisfied. There is still time to visit this beautiful place for the 2018 season as it is open from May to September. Your summer won´t be the same after you pay a visit to Canada´s Wonderland.

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