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7 Effective Ways To Improve Garage Door Security

Many homeowners recognize that their home is only as safe as its weakest point of access, and for many people, it’s an overhead garage door. Despite the fact that most homes have strong front doors, garage door security is frequently neglected—regrettable because about nine percent of burglars enter through the garage. Keep reading for seven clever yet easy techniques to keep your garage door safe, deter thieves, and gain priceless peace of mind.

garage door trying to break-in
Garage door

1.Cover the windows with frosting to obscure the area within the garage.

Windows in the Garage Aesthetically, Windows provide a fresh look to a garage door. Unfortunately, potential robbers are likely to look inside the windows for pricey tools and to check if everyone has fled—a strong indication that no one is at home, which may lead to a break-in. Adding a layer of frosted film, such as Window Whirl’s Privacy Film, to the windows will prevent thieves from viewing what’s inside while still allowing light to enter.

2. Automate your garage door with a smart garage door opener or other gadget to monitor activity.

Garage door openers boost garage door safety by keeping the door locked when it’s in the down position. However, a determined burglar might still be able to jimmy or crack the code and force it open. You may even program the Chamberlain Smartphone-Controlled Garage Door Opener to act as a garage door opener so you can check the status of your garage door and receive an alert on your smartphone if someone opens it, allowing you to contact law enforcement quickly.

You don’t need an opener to keep track of what’s happening at your garage door. You may even get alerts on your smartphone if the door is opened or shut without using a garage door opener, thanks to a Wi-Fi-connected monitor like the Brocel GarageDoorBuddy Monitor. To notify you when someone opens the garage door, the gadget is connected to the garage door frame and syncs with your smartphone via its own app.

smart garage door opener

3. Don't leave your garage door opener remote in your automobile.

While it’s convenient to attach a remote to your car’s sun visor or leave it in the glovebox, a burglar will first check those locations. Make a point of keeping the remote in your handbag or coat pocket, or carry it inside with you and hide it with your vehicle keys.

4. To improve garage door security, install motion-detecting floodlights.

According to the FBI, thieves prefer to operate in the dark. As a result, a quick flash of light is frequently enough to deter them. Solar-powered floodlights are the simplest kind to set up since no electrical wiring is required. The best motion sensor lights with a wide-ranging detectability range are the BNT Motion Sensor Floodlights, which can sense movement up to 26 feet away and project a brilliant light to send thieves scampering.

5. Consider a garage door lock if you have one.

Consider putting in a locking handle if your garage door opens manually via a handle. The Ideal Security Keyed Garage Door Lock is one such option, which needs the use of a physical key to access it. You may also prevent thieves from breaking into your garage by installing a lock on the inside of the door, such as the Accessories 22 Garage Door Slide Lock. It’s attached to the inside of the door and frame, and the locking bar must be manually slid into position from within the garage.

6. Between your garage and home, lock the door.

Many people have garages on their property that allow them to get in and out of the house without having to trek through inclement weather, but if you don’t secure the connecting door, it’s a major security hazard. A thief who enters your garage may walk straight into your house. Always keep the connecting door closed, and for extra garage door security, install a steel security door with a deadbolt in this area.

7. Security cameras can help you reduce the chance of a garage break-in.

Security cameras are a major deterrent to would-be robbers who are aware that they are being recorded by the cameras. As soon as a vehicle enters the driveway or someone walks up on foot, a motion-activated camera begins recording.If you choose the NETVUE Outdoor Camera with Night Vision, the compromising footage is stored on a micro SD card. Plus, the camera connects to smart home systems like Alexa as well as smartphones, so you can monitor the condition of your garage door while you’re away.

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