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Where should you call to fix your Door? – Toronto Door repair

Doors are entryways into and out of buildings and houses as well as stores.

They are therefore used by everyone who enters and leaves a property. This continued use by people frequent time makes doors develop fast wear and tear in most of their joining parts. In addition, doors are taken for granted most times resulting in sudden failures which can be costly to repair and fix.
Door repair services in Toronto, are offered with for all sorts of door types available in the common Toronto house and office facilities ,


  • Sliding door lock repair
  • Glass Door repair
  • Residential Door repair
  • Commercial Door repair

Common Door repair problems

Frontier pacific names six common reasons that arise to door repair needs among buildings. They are explained here:

(a) Power challenges

  • Electric driven doors will require electricity to work. Therefore any hitches in the supply of electricity to these entryways may cause sudden closures that are dangerous in cases of emergencies.

(b) Damaged tracts

  • Any damage or misalignment of tracts and rollers I doors can make them difficult to close and open.

(c) Failure to open

This is among the most common door problem caused by a lot of factors depending on the type of the door, considering a door replacement is one of the options , as well as Door repair .

(d) Springs and cables problems – 

  • Most doors use the force from springs and power cables to open and close. Any hitch in these two parts can cause a failure to close or open.

(e) Damaged section

  • Sometimes, you can have a section of a door damaged arising from different causes. You can have a door repair than having a door replacement.

(f) Rollers issues

  • Due to wear and tear and less frequent checks on maintenance practices of doors, rollers can bring your door to closure and become hard to open.

Toronto Door repair services

Toronto is served with numerous door repair services and the next repair shop can be just next to your home and building. The following is among the Door repair service providers in Toronto.

  • Matrix Locksmith Ltd- This is a Locksmith repair company that has been in the business since 2003 . This translates to high experience and countless doors repaired to date. This company has for over 15 years been offering wholesome security services from door repairs to locks and card access systems in the general Toronto and outskirts areas. Matrix Locksmith Toronto service can be accessed through, (416) 877-9297
  • Ontario Door repairs – 

    Offers wholesome door repair and maintenance services including the following door types: Decorative Glass Doors, Entry doors, Fiberglass doors, Interior Doors, security doors, and many others. Ontario door repairs are experts in electric doors and offer services for 24 hours 7 days a week including on holidays and weekends.

  • Door Repair in Toronto

    • Offers a combination of wholesome door repair services from the door frame, locks, and other parts of a door. Our company emphasizes on using latest technologies indoors to ensure maximum security. door repair in Toronto can be reached through a phone number that is 416-877-9297
  • Commercial Door repair– 

    • We are experts in Commercial premises, our professional locksmith have experience with condominium building and store front door repair , with a big reference list , if you require to talk to one of our existing customers across Ontario, we will be more that happy to provide you with their contact information and emergency Locksmith. Your door needs are settled here.
  • GTA door repair Company   

  • has taken the market by storm from its unbeatable prices and quality work. For a perfect combination of quality and relatively affordable prices, this is your best choice. GTA company can be accessed through.

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