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High Security Door Locks including Lock Repair & Installation Additional Savings Toronto Locksmith

An industry leader in proving locksmith services in Toronto offers additional savings to its customers during this challenging time of COVID-19 to make sure your security Door Lock types are available and affordable to all ! As Security  is above all .

For those who are looking to get some information on the Different Types of High Security Door Locks  , you are going to find that there are several options out there.

A locksmith is one that can handle numerous types of lock and keys solution for your commercial and Residential property. 

If you have ever shopped for a lock, you have probably noticed there are different types of locks with different prices,  some locks are cheaper than the others.

Medeco Door Locks image

In this article I will explain you the difference between A ” Standard Lock ” to a more expensive but with a better performance A ” High security Lock “

Commercial & Residential locksmith in Toronto ON High Security Door Locks

schlage deadbolt keyless entry smart locks
There are 2 different Security lock level as mentioned before 
  • Standard security level locks –  Falls into the category of  low and medium security , Usually those lock can be found on builder new housing on a front door
  • High Security Door locks –  these locks are usually installed on commercial properties, store front and back doors but of-course for
    extra security residential doors can benefit of it as well.              

The High Security Door Locks have earned their title no doubt! as they provide both comfort and security at once !

The Difference Between High Security Locks to Standard Locks - Simple FACTS !

commercial store front door high security door lock installation and repair

As mentioned before the high security locks had earned their name within the security and the locksmith industry in Canada, with high standards and quality 

  • For Once: one of the biggest flaws of regular standard locks is their  duty to drilling as well as picking locks.
  • The standard locks internal cylinder has colorful pin combination , that determine the metal key blanc cuts 
Commercial High Security Door lock installation
  • This simple hardware is easily manipulated with a common lock picking special key “bumper key” that can open the lock and accordingly the door ,

So as you understand if thieves would have those tools and expertise the standard locks are not secure enough to keep you safe .

Top Rated Lock and Key Locksmith in Toronto

As of Now we have a promotional code of winter2020 you can Benefit from and Get 10%  of all our locksmith services 

With our service, Matrix Locksmith no matter what type of Commercial or Residential Locksmith service in Toronto you need, whether this is a door lock replacement, 

to fix a push bar , or if just looking for someone to unlock your store door, 

we are the best choice out there. FAST & AFORDABLE 

Our team of professional Locksmith are always near you in Toronto , since they are always driving around the city with their commercial locksmith van and proving the service on the spot .

Whether you want to add a Mul-T-Lock to your house front door or Change the lock of your store MATRIX LOCKSMITH Can help!  

The Solution is Clearly A HIGH SECURITY LOCK !

Different type of door lock repair and installation for residential and commercial doors

The high security locks are built with sophisticated heavy duty hardware, its pick and drill resistance key cylinders.

  • These locks have rotating pinsidebars, and steel metal specially designed to make it very hard on a break-in attempts like with the bumping keys previously explained .

For new locks we carry variety of brands , 

we make the process easy and help you to get the best value for your budget .

We work around your busy day , therefore we have a continent schedule system to match your availability , 

also providing emergency locksmith services in Toronto 24 hours a day .


Warranty and MORE....

We always stand behind our products, proving 90 days warranty on parts,

 all our locksmith are highly trained to provide the most up-to-date locksmith solutions with any lock and key issues you may have in Toronto and the GTA .

Matrix Locksmith is an award winning locksmith service experts with homestars and ThreeBest Rated companies in Richmond Hill Ontario and Toronto Ontario.

Matrix Locksmith Toronto

We prefer to work with Local vendors and with made in Canada product , as there is a Mul- T- Lock factory in Woodbridge Ontario area, 

  • we can offer 7 % off all new locks , as well as Yale products are good quality locks, 

very Reliable and has 1 year manufactory warranty, but we will help you to make the right choice for your specific requirements .

Restricted High Security Key Copy

As most of you know you can  approach to any hardware store such as Walmart, Home depot , Canadian Tire Or Rona and have the ability to copy a key without any identification nor questions ,

Basically take the most of the security system leverage, as it doesn’t prevent unauthorized key copies .

Therefore companies like Medeco and Mul- T- Lock had provided us the end user with a plastic card , looks exactly like a credit card with engraved code number

Only an authorized locksmith that has a designated key cutting machinery can duplicate a key ,

Also , with the high security locks if you have lost your keys once again only a local authorized locksmith in Toronto can provide you either with a new key , 

if you hold the code card or re-key your Medeco lock and cut you a new set of high security keys .

Request a Service Now or Contact us at Affordable prices!

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Patrick, Woodbridge
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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”

Licenses and Certifications

These are just a few licenses and certifications and memberships Matrix Locksmith Toronto can show case the residence of Richmond Hill to ensure safety and peace of mind.

taol the association of Ontario locksmiths
ILOC institutional locksmiths organization of Canada
homestars best award winner
matrix locksmith Richmond hill