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Commercial Locksmith in Toronto Ontario

For those who are looking to get some information about Office Locks  , you are going to find that there are several options out there.

A locksmith is one that can handle numerous types of lock and keys solution for your commercial office.

  • For example, they can be who you turn to for a panic bar installation on a glass door ,
  • they can help to get you into a locked building , or a locked store
  • they can help with an office lock that seems to be stuck, making it impossible to get into the office
  • They can even help with residential locks.


However, not every Toronto locksmith is the same. You want to choose one that is going to be reliable and trustworthy.

Which is where Matrix Locksmith comes into play.

With our service, no matter what type of Commercial service in Toronto you need, whether this is a door lock replacement, to fix a push bar , or if just looking for someone to unlock your store door, we are the best choice out there.

Our team of professional technicians are always near you in Toronto , since they are always driving around the city with their commercial locksmith van and proving the service on the spot .

How Do You Fix a Push Bar Door?     

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In many places of business, a push bar door is typically the main building door.

However, when they become damaged, they can be easy for someone to break into.

Is there a way to fix these? You can try to barricade the door to ensure that others cannot easily get into it, as we had a coworker from Atlanta had installed an push bar at his downtown customer’s building white door as part of a mandatory safety regulation however, this is a temporary fix at best.

Instead, call Matrix Locksmith, as soon as you realize that there is something wrong with the door.

In many cases, it simply needs a new locking mechanism installed in order to work properly again. Remember, when it comes to any type of lock problem, it is always best to call the professionals.

Commercial Door Lock Cylinder Replacement

A commercial door is often a bit stronger than what you would see on residential homes.

And for good reason! These types of doors are meant to keep the business safe.

However, whenever the lock stops working,

it can spell disaster. A commercial door lock cylinder can become damaged resulting in several issues such as:

  • the lock not wanting to unlock

  • the lock may not let go of the key  

  • the lock may not lock back once unlocked

Any of these issues is something that needs a call to our live dispatchers that are ready to answer any question you may have to get this lock cylinder replaced.

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With a lock cylinder replacement, the part of the lock that is jammed or causing issues is replaced so that it can become a functioning door once again.

How to Change the Office Locks        

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The locks inside your office are important for keeping the information that you have stored there, or the product that you keep, safe.

In the event that keys have been lost, or employees change,                            

many companies opt to change the office locks in their business.

When this is the case, Commercial Locksmith is here for you.

Proper office locks is just as important as the exterior locks of the building, this is just another layer of safety for all those who work here.

For all your Toronto locksmith needs, Matrix Locksmith is here when you need us!