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Need A Lock Change On A New House? Up To 50% Off For New Locks

To do List When Moving Into A New House

After you move into a new house, there are few essential services and utilities you have to change, Before you unpack!

  • Change your address with Toronto municipality and the post office.
  •  The second most important thing is to Change locks on a new House door
  • Set up your utilities: Electricity, Water Bill, Internet, Gas & Phone.

Few Lock Change Options at your New House

Changing your locks when you move to a new home is important for your safety and security, preventing from strangers that might have your door key from pervious owners to have access to your house


The digital keypad Lock works exactly like a the old fashion lock we all familiar with. Unlocking and locking doors, —BUT the comfort level and the modern appearance is the next level! . 



High Security door lock types

Its Time To Call On A Professional Locksmith

As are are many YouTube lock change tutorials, as well as Google articles of A Lock change on A new home, Step-by-Step Guide, You Decided to Call Our Professional Locksmith, for a Lock change or a Lock Re-key. You might not have the time to change the locks with your move to a new premises which is a time consuming. Also, not exactly your thing to deal with a drill and a screwdriver . That is why Matrix Locksmith Toronto are here for you!
  • Want to install an Electronic Key Pad lock – It involves electricity and wiring installation , not only a bolt and a screw. , its a non- standard bolt .
  • Old house | Vintage Lock, once again its almost impossible to find a replacement for a vintage lock, unless you are a locksmith or a hardware store! Furthermore the lock rekey of a older locks are more difficult let the pros at Matrix Locksmith do it for you .
  • Master key System | Matching all your lock to 1 key – A locksmith has the right training and equipment t add your door locks a master key system, this means you need to have a whole pin kit plus tools and key cutting machine, Our locksmith servicing Toronto and the GTA are Licensed Bonded and Insured for any Locksmith Service you may inquire .
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Lock Re-key
change locks on a new house

2021 Locksmith Prices : How Much Does It Cost to change locks on a new house ?

Locksmith service call cost on average is between $35 – $150  time of the day of the service required is the main factor to determine the exact price .

  • Therefore once scheduling an appointment for a lock change on a new home, make sure its during the hours of operation hours, not to be charged with after hour rates. During operation hours the service call rate is $35 – $55
      • After Hours emergency locksmith call rates varies between $120 – $150 
      • For home Lock change | residential lock change runs between $75 – $250, 
      • Lock Rekeying on a residential home lock o average is $35-$75 

Whether you have lost your keys , or moved into a new Home or Maybe your locks are damaged .

Matrix Locksmith serves all neighborhoods of Toronto and the GTA. 

Let our Professional Locksmith Help You!
Your Safety & Security Is Our Success !


Here's what our happy customers are saying...

Great customer service! remarkable workmanship! professional and responsive . Fist called and then communicated with text massages. communication was fast and to the point . Was looking for a change locks on a new house in Toronto , likely found Matrix Locksmith . The near by Toronto locksmith came and changed my front door lock , very pleased with my new lock. Highly recommend their locksmith service!

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When To Call A Toronto Locksmith? Once you have tried A DIY of a lock change, than you have probably by now understand that although its not a complicated installation BUT there are some details that only a professional locksmith can handle with. Qualifications and experience play in roll.

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