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How To Open Gun Safes Properly: New Safes And Safe Lockouts

Gun safes are more secure than the security safes that brands’ security experts despise. As a result, only expert and highly destructive methods will be available to you such as how to open a gun safe when you’re locked out.

Although such safes are larger than earlier models, certain methods and bypasses that work on older guns may not be successful here. You’ll almost certainly need a locksmith to open your safe, but the most common techniques they will use for how to open a gun safe forcibly are as follows.

During a lockout, there are numerous methods for how to open a gun safe:

  • Manipulation
  • Drilling
  • Prying
  • Cutting
Gun Safes

1. Manipulating the gun safes

The only non-deductive approach to opening a gun safe without keys or a combination is to tamper with the locking mechanism. If you’re dealing with a keyed safe lock, you’ll need to know how to pick locks. Combination dials are more common than keypad combinations.

Not every reliable locksmith is able to operate a combination dial, as this requires a considerable amount of specialized training for a skill that isn’t commonly needed. It’s unlikely that an inexperienced gun safe owner will be able to master this while resolving their gun safe lockout.

You feel the dial turning as you try to figure out which gates correspond with each wheel. Any blockage or dissatisfied section will cause the feedback needed to recognize the correct combination to be thrown off. Some combination dials include false gates in order to provide this incorrect information during operation, but it does not alter the functionality of your safe in any way.

If there is any kind of damage that requires the use of a safe lock, this will not work. Locks must be operational in order to be manipulated. Also, this is not a technique for cracking a gun safe using an electronic lock; you’ll need something physical.

2. Drilling the gun safes

It’s not the same as drilling a lock, even though you use the same tool. When drilling a safe, you’re either trying to create an entry point for a borescope so that you may better control the dial or creating an opening for a tool so that you can directly interact with the actuator.

You must know the inner workings of your lock hardware in order to use either approach for drilling into a gun safe. Drilling into the safe is not going to work if you don’t know where your lock actuator is and how the bolt assembly works.

Drilling the gun safes

If a Toronto locksmith opens your gun safe, there’s a chance you can repair the damage. Holes may be able to be repaired or concealed, but there will almost certainly be a sign or marking that the lock was drilled. This might render the safe vulnerable in the future, but it will save you money on a new safe.

3. Prying

breaking a locker

Prying open a gun safe is not the same as prying open a basic safe. This may be accomplished with very little knowledge of your gun safe’s technical components, but it is aided by knowing where the bolts are on your safe door and how many there are.

When prying, aim the safe door at the ceiling. It is already positioned correctly if you are dealing with a hidden floor safe. When you’re using the door to open it, gravity helps you out. You’ll need at least one pry bar and several wedges for tools.

Insert the wedges into the widening gaps as you pry open the safe door. Wedge all over the door. Continue prying and pushing in the wedges to expand the space. You may then cut the exposed bolts or pry until the safe breaks free if it is more robust.

4. Cutting

When you pry open a safe, be careful not to damage any of the bolts. You can cut into the bolts of a safe door, but it’s usually best to start with the safe walls. Opening a gun safe with sawing is contingent on the security’s construction, although the walls are frequently made of less metal than the door.

A thick metal gun safe is difficult to cut through with an angle grinder, but it will take time and several blades to fully pry open. You must also be concerned about cutting through the walls since the position of valuables inside the safe puts them at risk of harm.

The best safe manufacturers will provide cutting protection with their products. Gun safes, like some of the greatest padlocks, can employ ceramic inserts to divert heat. Torch-based cutting may become almost impossible as a result of this. Safe walls, doors, and bolts can be encased in ceramic.

Closing Thoughts

When you have a question about how to open a gun safe correctly, you may always contact the seller or manufacturer if the printed instructions are not clear. When it comes to how to unlock a gun safe after being locked out, it’s usually preferable to seek assistance from someone with greater expertise.

If you need assistance opening your gun safe, check whether Matrix Locksmith provides services in your area. Feel free to leave a message below if you have any queries or want more information.

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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”

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