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How To Unlock A Bathroom Door With No Hole

How does one open a bathroom door that has no holes? The question has been asked by many people lately.

Here’s the deal: Have you ever been confined to a room or forced to leave it? This is how most current doorknobs look. It’s impossible to predict whether you’ll be confined inside or outside a room.

So, what’s the best way to open a bathroom door that doesn’t have a hole? You can find out what to do by reading this article by Emergency Locksmith Toronto that explains what you need to do.

Making Use Of A Credit Card

Is your credit card in the restroom within reach? If you answered yes, consider yourself fortunate. This way of unlocking doors with a credit card is one of the oldest. It may appear impossible, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s fairly straightforward.

In this case, a bendable laminated card would have been a better choice. Keep in mind that this method will not work with deadbolts. It only works with spring locks.

Anything might happen to your card as well. Please keep this in mind. However, if you’re careful, you’ll be able to use the plastic card afterwards.

The plastic or credit card approach entails the following.

Bathroom Door

Step #1: Firmly grasp the doorknob:

The first thing you’ll do is reach for the doorknob. Please grip it firmly with your non-dominant hand.

To put it another way, if you’re left-handed, grab the doorknob with your right hand. It will increase your chances of successfully unlocking the door.

However, as previously stated, choose a plastic card that you can afford to lose. When you try to unlock the closed bathroom door, you risk damaging it.

Step #2: Squeeze the locked door harder:

The next step is to squeeze the door even harder. If necessary, use your hand, legs, and other parts of your body to slam the door shut.

The space between the locked door and the door frame will widen if you slam the door shut so violently. To make it easier to unlock, widen the gap as much as feasible.

Step #3: Put your plastic card to work:

A preferable choice is a bendable laminated plastic card. If you don’t have one, make do with whatever you have.

Now, place the card in the gap between the locked door and the doorknob that you have in your hands. Then bend it backwards. You’ll be shoving the lock back into the door by doing so. Keep in mind that if the space between the door and frame is insufficient, you can shove the plastic card you’re using into the door and frame over the lock.

The goal is to reattach the lock to the door. So keep wriggling the card downward. However, please proceed with caution.

Keep in mind that the goal is to come into contact with the doorknob’s locking mechanism while you wiggle the card.

So, visualise the protruded metal component that penetrates the doorjamb from the door in your mind. That’s what’s preventing you from opening the door. It must be pushed back into the door.

Step #4: Remove the doorjamb’s metal locking:

The primary aim is the metal locking mechanism. You’ll be able to leave the bathroom if you can get it off the doorjamb.

As a result, keep sliding your plastic card until it’s in a decent position to push the protruding metal lockout off the doorjamb.

A Quick Tip: When employing this technique, patience is essential. It’d also help if the plastic card you’re using was a little thicker. It allows you to apply more force and return the protruded metal component to the door lock.

Finally, keep in mind that unlocking the door may take numerous attempts while wiggling your card and the doorknob. But don’t give up, and proceed with caution. The door will be a stumbling block for you. On your first attempt, it may appear impossible, but keep trying.

Taking Off The Doorknob

A bathroom door without a hole can be unlocked in a variety of ways. We’ve talked about using a credit card. Let’s move on to the following step, which is to remove the doorknob.

All you’ll need is a powerful screwdriver to release the screws holding the doorknob in place for this procedure.

What if you don’t have a screwdriver on hand? Simply choose something that will fit into the screw heads and get to work.

Follow the steps below to unlock your door if you have a screwdriver or a substitute.

Step #1: Remove the doorknob:

Remove the doorknob by hand. That’s the first thing you should do.

Step #2: Locate the screws that secure the doorknob in place.

You’ll find screws on both sides of the doorknob when you remove it. Each of these screws passes through the door and serves to hold the doorknob together.

This is where your screwdriver comes in handy. Remove all of the screws that keep the doorknob together one by one.

Pull the locking mechanism back into the door after you’ve done this. You can easily unlock your bathroom door if you follow the steps.

Making Use Of A Knife

This procedure is really easy to follow. However, significant caution is required. You risk injuring your hand or damaging the painting in the process.

So, how do you use a knife to unlock a closed toilet door without making a hole?

To begin, keep in mind that not all knife kinds will work for this. It would be helpful if you had a butter knife on hand. A pocket knife is also a nice option.

A knife can be used in two ways. It can be used to pry the door open or to replace where the keys were initially inserted into the lock.

Continue rotating the key after placing the knife into the part. If you’re lucky, it’ll unlock the locking mechanism, allowing you to open the door.

Make contact with a locksmith

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get in, call Matrix Locksmith. Your door can be broken and a perfect lock is created by a locksmith.

You might ask the locksmith to produce extra keys for you so that each member of your family has their own key.

Aside from the restroom, you have the option of locking any door against yourself. As a result, you must be well-prepared.


It’s easier said than done to open a locked restroom door with no holes. The majority of people will think about nothing else but busting down the door. But what if, due to the sort of door you have, this is difficult? Why not experiment with other methods and see what happens?

You can open your locked door using any of the methods listed above. You can also try each one to determine which one is the most straightforward and successful.

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