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Hyundai is the fourth largest car brand in the world today. Ulsan car production that is under the Hyundai brand is the largest in the world.

Hyundai brand is capable of manufacturing close to over 1.6 million new cars every year. This tells you that there is higher probability that the car next to you is a Hyundai brand car.

With this fact, you should, therefore, understand the procedures of the Hyundai key replacement. This can be of help to either you or your friend who can lose Hyundai keys.

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Bring your spare key, in case if you have lost your car keys let one of our expert car locksmiths cut and program a flawless and brand-new Hyundai key.

At Matrix Locksmith Toronto we offer Hyundai transponder chip keys, key cutting, keyless entry remotes and smart keys.

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FAQs —Hyundai Replacement Key Fob, Ignition Problems, Hyundai transponder key programming , Car key replacement Cost, Ignition Key Wont Turn..

What should I do when all my Hyundai car keys are lost?

When you are sure enough that your Hyundai car keys are lost, you should first think of an Hyundai Car locksmith.

  • Matrix locksmith will be able to cut and program a new Hyundai key at your location, we servicing Toronto and the surrounding and you will not have to tow your car to the dealer or even to our local locksmith shop in Richmond Hill.
  • Its not recommended to have a Hyundai car keys replacement done by Hyundai dealer.
  • The dealer in most cases will have to find a time slot for the appointment due to COVID-19, they are no longer accepting walk-ins, as well as then the key will be delayed as they need to order it from from the Hyundai manufacturer,
  • Nonetheless, Hyundai locksmith capable to the task are the most available and convenient with mobile locksmith services near you in Toronto and the GTA.
  • Dealers are generally high priced and there is low to no room for discounts. However, with a locksmith, you can get a discounted price for OEM Hyundai keys. You can search for car keys replacement cheap Locksmith near you. Most of the Hyundai car keys locksmith can be found online.

Can I replace car key by Vin number?

This depends on the year of manufacture of your Hyundai car model and the type of the Hyundai car key you had.

The VIN number helps locksmiths to get access to the file codes used in the Hyundai car key replacement.

Nonetheless, these codes are only kept for 10 years from the date of manufacturing of the car.

Hyundai Sonata 2016 - 2020 remote key replacement

Matrix locksmith , specializing in Hyundai Sonata 2016 – 2020 remote key replacement

For example if you have a 2017 hyundai elentra key replacement  , it falls under the 10 year window a professional locksmith will be able to provide you with a replacement car key .

Also if your model is older than this, you then could best get assistance from an auto locksmith like the Matrix locksmith team.

Our Car locksmiths arrive to the site and have your Hyundai keys done and programmed as part of our service.

  • If an mobile automotive locksmith is not available, and your car key had a remote or key fob that needs programming, then you could only be left with the option of having your car towed to the dealer’s or locksmith location. You will there be able to have your Hyundai car key replacement and programming done.

How long does it take to have a Hyundai car key replacement done?

It depends on several factors.

  • The type of key is the first determinant of how fast a Hyundai car replacement can be done.
  • If the key had a fob and remote that needs programming then it takes longer than the normal convention basic keys that only needs cutting.
  • The availability of the codes also influences on the time taken to make a Hyundai car key replacement. Nonetheless, it generally takes between up to 1 hour.

Where can I get a Hyundai car key for replacement?

Our Richmond Hill Locksmith shop stock car keys for replacement. Matrix Locksmith team has access to all store car key inventory and uses it also for mobile key cutting services in Toronto .

However, you can also order buying it online and have a Car locksmith cut and program it for you.

Matrix Locksmith - Toronto locksmith

Matrix locksmith shop in Richmond Hill , servicing in house and mobile locksmith services in Toronto and the GTA

Some locksmith or dealers may charge a little programming fee of between half to one hour of labor.

However, some offer a programming service for free. Moreover, you can also program the key yourself using the procedures for programming a Hyundai car available online and in the user manual.

What should I do when my Hyundai key fob battery goes out of charge?

When this happens while you are outside the car, you should use the emergency key to open the car door.

You should then place the key fob in the charging system and leave it for some time to gain enough charge to help you drive to a store where you can buy a Hyundai key fob battery.

  1. With a flat screwdriver, you can disassemble the Hyundai car key fob and replace the old battery with a new one.
  2. You should in the same way buy an spare Hyundai car key fob battery and keep it for your future use in the glove box together and get it done.

Please be advised that a Hyundai Locksmith, can help you with the key fob battery replacement !

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How much to get a key made for your car?

So you probably asking your self  ” How much does it cost to to have a key fob programmed ”

The price for a Hyundai Key Replacement varies between $100 to $470 depends on the following key points :

  1. The type of the key , the are 2 different types of keys for Hyundai key ,  as for replacement key cost : Transponder key – its a key with a chip that needs to be programmed or in other words coded. the second type is Non- Transponder key – as straight forward it is , its a Metal key without a chip and only needs to be cut .
  2. The year of the Hyundai car
  3. The ignition – whether its an original ignition or not

What could be the problem when my Hyundai ignition key doesn’t turn?

The ignition key could have jammed which is a technical issue that should resolve quickly with an experienced locksmith.

However, the ignition may have rusted and caused difficulty for the ignition key to turn.

When the ignition key gets worn out, it may also lead to the problem of of broken wafers.

That is when , an automotive locksmith should be able to establish the cause of the Hyundai ignition key not turning and fix it.

This should not necessarily lead to changing of the ignition cylinder. in some cases the Hyundai locksmith can repair the existing ignition and to keep the old key.

Why are Hyundai car replacement costs not the same as all the Hyundai keys?

The difference in the cost of replacing a Hyundai car keys first lies in the type of the Hyundai car key together with other factors.

If the key is a non-transponder chip key, it means that it does not need coding and most probably cheaper to replace.

However, if the Hyundai car key is a transponder chip key, it means that it needs coding and therefore the cost is a bit higher than the non-transponder key.

Again the Hyundai car replacement key cost varies with the service providers. Dealers do not charge the same as the automotive locksmith.

Every time a locksmith is appearing to your location of the car, the car key replacement cost and availability are more affordable and made on the spot same day of your service request .


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