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Kia Keys and Remotes

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    Kia keys replacement and Kia key copy

    Key replacement is in a need once you lose them. If you have ever owned a car, then you understand the panic of losing a car key.

    Whether your Kia keys dropped off the key holders or you purchased

    Kia key fob cut

    an old car that needs new key replacement, then it all can be mind-draining.
    However, thanks to the car replacement locksmiths who are always to the service of replacing KIA lost car keys.

    The widely known Matrix locksmiths in Toronto and auto locksmiths in town are the most certified as KIA-certified locksmiths who will handle your KIA key replacements within a short time and have your car back on the road.

    Kia key fob cut and copy

    FAQs — All answers to your KIA Keys and Remotes - Locksmith near you

    The very first thing that you should do after realizing that you no longer have your Kia keys is to remember that their are professional locksmith as well as dealership that can help you, and you can have your Kia key replacement as quickly as the same day ! Panic does not help.

    First thing is to try to remember where you could have placed your keys. The decision of whether a car key is lost
    should be done when you have thoroughly searched your final spare and find it completely missing.
    Then find the services of a car locksmith near your location in Toronto ,who can make Kia car Keys.

    This could be a Kia dealer, but remember with a dealer you migh need to wait for few days as you need to set up an appointment and wait for the dealer to order the key for you .
    Or a car keys locksmith who can handle Kia Key replacement’ that can cut and program a new key on the spot asap if its an emergency .

    Make a call and explain your situation. Matrix Locksmith Toronto will arrive on scene right after your call !

    What information should I have when calling a Locksmith over the phone for KIA car keys replacement??

    Be straight to what you need the locksmith to do for you.

    • Provide the model and year of manufacturing of the car, as most Kia cars today are either transponder of equipped with chips together with the model of Kia car key you had. This is among the important information that a locksmith will need from you.
    • Please locate the VIN number usually located on the dashboard next to the windshield , as the locksmith might need it depending on the year of the car .
    • Also, please mentioned to the locksmith if the ignition switch was changed before, as if the ignition was changed and not repair their is a good chance the keys to the door and the ignition are different

    Matrix Locksmith technicians are able to handle the Kia car key replacement. Look no more Give us a Cal !

    Remember to ask for a quotation of the Kia car key replacement. 

    As we provide all prices on the phone for the most promising and economical locksmith services.
    Matrix Locksmith is a car key replacement cheap locksmith that you can find and have the service done at an affordable rate.

    Lastly plan where to meet and confirm whether you will have to meet the locksmith for a Key copy to your car to their local locksmith location, 

    Alternately the locksmith is also mobile and can arrive to your location and make the key on the spot !

    Kia car key programming necessary to my new key?

    Most of the Kia car models have their Kia keys electronically programmed. The only models of the Kia car keys that do not need programming are the very old models of the 90s. Non transponder keys are regular metal key blank that requiring cut only .

    • However, if your Kia car key has a transponder chip, your new key will need proper specifications when cutting and will require the transponder key programming.
    • Programming a transponder key means that a car locksmith will be programming the car’s computer to be able to recognize an authorized key .
    • Once the computer allowing the identified ” authorized key”  it will allow the ignition to start the car .key Programming is needed for most Kia key fob replacement.

    Even if you are looking only to duplicate your car key so you could have spare key you need to program it.

    I have to say that this is a very good idea , as the cost of a key copy is always cheaper that having a replacement form scratch.

    Any professional car Locksmith with the right computerize tools should be able to make a Kia key replacement from the specifications of the model without a spare key.

    Can Kia car Key fob be replaced?

    Yes, it can be replaced. Kia car key fob replacement requires a similar service to that of a Kia car key replacement.

    The only difference lies in the physical cutting of the key. In the Kia car key
    fob, the replacement ensures that the remote or push-button ignition functions properly.

    How do I replace a Kia car key fob battery?

    Since most Kia cars are operated with push to start key fobs, in other words keyless system of unlocking the car and turning it on. Those remote keys are operated by a small battery .

    • A very common battery mostly used with Kia , is CR2032. you can find it almost everywhere . Canadian Tire, Walmart Home-depot , sometimes even at you r local Convenience store or you local Locksmith shop .
    • A small tip from us ; if you are lockout out of your Kia car, use the emergency key to open the door.
    • NOW THE PROCEDURE It is very simple. You will only need a flat screwdriver or object to disassemble the fob and remove the old Kia car key fob battery. Then replace it with a new battery and follow the same steps to tighten the key fob back.

    Does losing a Kia car key require a change of the Kia car ignition cylinder?

    Not at all! The Kia car ignition cylinder can only be changed if it breaks or become malfunctioning.

    A Kia car key replacement case that will require need a change of the ignition cylinder can only happen when the original ignition cylinder could have been changed and a failure occurs in getting the specifications of the lost keys and the ignition cylinder.

    This means that a new Kia car key replacement may fail to start the ignition.

    Kia Optima ignition key will not turn , is a very common problem !

    Kia Optima ignition key will not turn , is a very common problem !
    So first let me tell you, Kia’s ignition wont turn is a very common issue especially within the Optima model,.

    Within so many years of making Kia keys, I have learned from experience , once you are facing any issue with your ignition , Please do not force the key to turn , Don’t put any pressure to it hopping this could save the day , this could probably make things worse as you can hard the ignition the housing and the key all at once .

    • The most common one is the , the ignition cylinder is worn out , or one of its pins broke
    • Also the key could be worn out as well

    How would you determine whether the ignition part is the one in fault or the key ,

    First is your Kia car has a push button key and not a keyed ignition , than most of the chances the ignition is good . But you could still have an issue with either the key or the ignition switch,

    To diagnose the problem contact our Automotive Locksmith , a professional Matrix Locksmith team can diagnosis the problem and provide with an appropriate solution , New kia keys replacement , or Ignition switch replacement we can do it ALL !

    What is the cost of a Kia keys replacement service?

    The cost of Kia car key replacement greatly varies from a case to another case. This is because there are underlying factors that influence this.

    • The type of the key and model determines the availability of a replacement key and its price. there are several different keys , as non-transponder keys – metal key blank , also Transponder keys- chip key, there keys called push to start keys – fob key .
      The rule of thumb is as newer the car is the more sophisticated the key is therefore the security features is higher and the key will most likely will be more expensive
    • The location of your car and time of the day the replacement is done also have a share in determining the price. Nonetheless, generally, a Kia car
    • Also , as mentioned before , a key copy is always cheaper than a new key cut and program .
    • Having a code , more relevant usually with older vehicles, make the price a bit cheaper as well

    Nonetheless, generally, a Kia car key replacement could cost as low as 65$ to 450$.


    Anti-Theft measures have dramatically driven car key replacement costs up.

    Matrix Locksmiths in Toronto works with all major Asian, European and North American auto brands, making us the most reliable and experienced auto locksmith company in Toronto.

    Contact us today, and get expert assistance 24/7 for all your KIA car keys replacement from one of our qualified car locksmiths in Toronto.


    Find KIA Keys and Remotes with the wide variety of KIA Models

    KIA Here and Know

    If you have been seen enough in the city, you must bear witness that KIA cars are surprisingly increasing in numbers.

    The KIA is slowly taking its space in the pool of car models in many cities across Canada.

    KIA cars are however not new to the market. KIA cars have been in the market for a long time was established 1999.

    However, purchase and ownership of KIA cars is steadily increasing.
    You probably could also be owning or will own a KIA car model very soon. You, therefore, need to be up to date on the KIA car key replacement services in order to cater to your keys.

    Bring your spare key, in case if you have lost your car keys, specifically your Kia keys let one of our expert car locksmiths cut and program a flawless and brand-new Kia key.

    You can save a few hundred dollars with us, no need to tow the car to the dealer, 

    and pay $$$
    Our Locksmiths are mobile and have an expertly made Kia keys, and fobs they can arrive ASAP  for your convenience

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    “I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”
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    taol the association of Ontario locksmiths
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