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What to do if I lose my motorcycle key?

Losing the keys to your motorcycle is an extremely upsetting experience and can distance you from the joy of riding your motorcycle for a long time.

surprisingly enough this is a common thing, and there is a very simple solution .

Here I am going to explain you , How We A Locksmith company can be the answers to your Motorcycle key.

Not everyone are aware of What Auto Locksmith is

Long story short, a car locksmith is an educated professional, that can provide you with service of keys and locks,

Usually a locksmith has to be Licences Bonded and Insured, as he handles with cars, houses and commercial properties this is part of his liability

The following will show you in details , the duties of a motorcycle locksmith :

  • lost motorcycle key replacement, for all Makes and Models of Motorcycles, Scooters, Cycles and Bikes
  • Motorbike Lost repair
  • Broken Motorcycle Key extracting
  • Seat Lock new key cut
  • Pad Locks
  • ignition repair
  • ignition replacement
  • Custom keys
    honda motorcycle rekey

    motorcycle key in the ignition

It is always advisable to have a spare motorcycle key for such an emergencies like losing your main key

But we all know how we tend to postponed this kind of tasks to the last minute, and unfortunate chances are when we remember of it its already too late after we have lost the motorcycle key ,

Lucky for you our team of Matrix locksmith, are professional Motorbike locksmith are trusted locksmith who can make you the key from scratch, at your house with no need of towing the bike because you can not move the motorcycle without a key to our locksmith shop located in Richmond Hill, but we also service Toronto and the greater Toronto are .

Matrix Locksmith are Licensed Bonded and Insured mobile vans and can arrive to your location asap, as we are local and near you.

So if you have already lost the original key and need new key Call us.

Our locksmith will answer the call, you get to talk directly with a professional, we do not believe in answering services as you the customer deserve to get all question answered upfront before the locksmith even arrives to you .

Well after losing your key, in such cases, your beloved motorcycle becomes a stationary object that mocks you with all the fun you could be having on two wheels and furthermore, you will now have to depend on public transport to reach your destination which is not even half as enthralling as commuting on a motorcycle.

Save your self the time and the money and let we can cut and program all keys for all Bikes .

We are aware of the profound joy that riding a motorcycle can be.

By now you already know that we can save the day and make a replacement motorcycle key, but not only, we can also assist you if you have a broke the key in the ignition, or if you have a damaged lock and a stuck gas cap lock there is no need to panic

Once again all you have to do is contact a professional locksmith at Matrix Locksmith and our expert will solve your problem at the earliest and as per your convenience.

key broke in ignition locksmith

broken key extraction from car ignition

Our locksmiths are all professionally trained and are equipped with proper tools to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Matrix Locksmith is your best choice for lost motorcycle key replacement in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

We provide Motorcycle key replacement and key duplicate services for all the major motorcycle manufacturers like

Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Ducati, Buell, Harley Davidson, Triumph, and many more….

Matrix Locksmith tips to help you keep on riding .

  • As mentioned before a motorcycle key duplicate is inevitable and very recommended, so that you always have a spare to fall back on.
  • You must always have your motorcycle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) noted in Your mobile phone or any other place that is easily accessible.
  • Always use a large but light key-chain that is easy to find or you can also invest in a Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to the key and can be tracked with your smartphone.

Now while yo have lost your keys , let us point out few helpful tip of how to prevent your Bike form theft

  • Use a U- shackle , this basically locks the wheels , therefore the wheels can not rotate nor move , a U-shackle is a stainless steel U shape lock. It’s connects to the wheel firm the lock it .
  • Always use large and stand out bright locking devices , most likely something that is so visible will prevent from a thief to even approach the motorcycle .
  • When you are choosing a motorcycle lock , make sure it is mad of steel for best protection , and less worries
  • Last, there is a small device called disk brake motorcycle lock, its a very small part that prevent of the wheels to move, by been pressed into the inner parts of the wheel, basically its a cylinder lock that doing all the work .

At Matrix Locksmith, we guarantee that your valuable property is secure.

We carry the most modern equipment so that we can customize our services as per your need.

Furthermore, you can rely on us to respond to your emergencies in a timely and professional fashion.

You no longer have to wait for a long time or have your motorcycle towed to the dealership just for a key replacement.

Motorcycle key replacement

Motorcycle key cut , gas cup key replacement , Motorcycle ignition repair

We are always near you as we have a team of locksmith in their vans providing service to customers in Toronto .

broken key extraction from car ignitionso all you have to do is call us, then sit back and relax while we work at replacing your motorcycle keys.