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Subaru Key Replacement

Have you lost your Subaru car keys, or need a copy , maybe having an ignition issue 

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Matrix Locksmith can provide with Subaru ,Replacement keys, Ignition Repair or door lock change

Are you located in Toronto or the surrounding areas?

Matrix  locksmith service is what you need to ensure all your key, fob and ignition problems are solved.

Whether you need a car key replacement or a car key copy and programming,


A Locksmith is the Cheapest, Easiest and Fastest way to do it.

Any key any time , we can do it

Subaru models, are including Subaru Impreza, Outback, Legacy BRZ, Tribeca, Baja , Ascent, Forester, WRX, Crosstrek and meany other


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The following questions and answers will help you clear out some confusion about modern, advanced car key fobs.

Why does my car not recognizing my key?

The most common reason behind a fob car key not being detected is that it has run out of battery power.

Other reasons can also be that the fob key’s programming is out of order and needs to be re-programmed.

We are specializing with auto locksmith, we an make car keys for your Subaru ,

a spare key or a fob its always a good idea.

Also we provide and program remote, push to start key, also repair ignition or if needed also replace and much more …

If you have also been searching for “Subaru key replacement near me” or for a locksmith Toronto service, then you have come to the right place.


What can I do if my car does not recognize my key?

There are a few steps you can do to fix your car key and have your car recognize it again. Usually,

the car manual might have a backup plan for this situation.

So, remember to check the manual.

Bad temperature can also mess the fob key up, so if it is extremely cold, heat it up a little with your breath or keep it indoors for a while.

Matrix locksmith Toronto services can also help you get your lost replacement key .


What can I do if I lose my car keys?

Losing your car keys means that you will need to get a new car key made without having the original set.

For this purpose, you can opt to the nearest car key locksmith service as it will be much more cheaper than going to your dealership.

Our locksmith will arrive to you , if you do decide calling the dealer ,

automotive key cutting machine photo

Car key lost , this machine can cut a new car key



ask whether you can pickup the new key or you must tow the car the dealership.

We can make your car keys on the SPOT!


To get car keys made without the original ones, you will need to determine the Year, Make and Model of the vehicle .

It is important to know the exact year and model of the vehicle as some models need programming and some models don’t, for example 2017 Subaru Outback key fob will need the programming vs 2002 Subaru Forester will not need .


  • Other than that, you will also need details about your car, such as the VIN number,
  • The VIN helps the locksmith to access the database or the car’s computer .
  • Please also , prepare your driver licence and the ownership of the car , for the locksmith to be able to provide you with a new replacement key .


How do you program a key fob for a 2017 Subaru Outback?

Programming a key fob will need some expertise.

Thus, a professional locksmith service or dealership can do it for you. it possible to get a new key for Subaru.

They use special programming gear and tools.

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The car key programming cost will depend on a number of factors, such as your car model, key type, and so on.

A diagnostic tool is used for programming purposes, which presents the millions of codes that are used to program a transponder key.


The tool has a programmer syncs your car keys to the cars computer and does most of the job automatically.

It begins with making the initial startup code the same, after which your car is unlocked, ignition is turned on, and further programming is carried out.

This process requires experience and expertise, which is why an auto locksmith service is better than trying to do the programming by yourself.


How much will it cost to get a new Subaru key , the average price for a replacement Subaru key :

To determine the right price for your Subaru car key replacement, you will need to answer the locksmith on few of the following question

  • The year Make and Model of your Subaru
  • Your location in Ontario
  • is your Ignition is new , or original , in this case if the ignition was replaced that mean the locksmith nor the dealer will be able to use the code within the system , therefore only A locksmith can help here with ignition replacement


Usually, the prices varies between $100 to $450 , additional reason of the price range is the type of the keys

  1. Non transponder chip keys means there is no need to code the key,
  2. Transponder chip keys means the key needs to be coded.

Give us a call , o r locksmith will advise you the exact price over the phone with no surprises .


Why is my 2017 Subaru outback key fob not working?

Usually, the key fob does not work, but it blinks, which means that it needs some fixing.

For starters, you can check the batteries and try replacing them.

If changing batteries does not work, explore the Subaru key replacement near me option.

Another reason for the key fob not working could be that the car’s door mechanism is malfunctioning, and the actuator is jammed.

Another solution is to reprogram it, an equipped locksmith has all the tools in his van to be able to reprogram the fob .


How do I get a duplicate key for my car?

To duplicate your car key, you will need to hold the original metal key.

Car key copy, is a much cheaper route than having a new key from scratch.


Car key copy machine

A machine or a duplicator is used by locksmith services to duplicate keys.

For key fobs, programming services from locksmiths will be needed and cannot be done from hardware shops.

For transponder car key replacement or duplication, the cost can go up to $450.

At Matrix locksmith, you can easily get a duplicate for your car key fob, and have all the prices upfront.

It is very easy to get your car key fob damaged or lose it.

Lost Subaru key replacement can be difficult, and expensive which is why having a duplicate key is always a good backup.


Is it possible to get keys made for a VIN number car?

VIN number makes it easy for many car key locksmith services to replace Subaru key fobs. The VIN number gives access to the file code, making it easier to program a new key for your car.

However, some car keys are transponder key with an electronic chip in them, therefore those would have to be programmed to the car.


How do I get a new key?

As long as you have a valid drivers licence and the ownership, our Automotive locksmith located in Toronto, Ontario can make you the key on the spot.

Whether you need a Subaru forester key fob replacement because you have lost one or damaged one.

Depending on the year make and model, a new car key can cost $50 to $400.

Also, make sure to check for your car’s warranty and insurance details before getting a new key.

Call our live dispatchers locksmith in Toronto and quickly get access to a new key fob.

Wrapping it up

The above-mentioned questions aim to answer all your questions regarding key fobs for Subaru.

Having a reliable locksmith in Toronto that can program your car key fobs is vital to ensure help during emergencies and safety precautions.

Make sure to have all the necessary information about your key fob as well as your car when you call to a locksmith for any service. VIN numbers are also very important.

You can get our locksmith phone number right here 416-877-9297.