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Best Commercial Locks - Kaba Simplex Mechanical Keyless Door locks

Mechanical Keyless Door Locks are the most Convenient & Safe option for your Business!

Those keyless locks are easy to program the code. Almost no maintenance is involved.

mechanical keyless door locks
Kaba Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks

This will keep your business safe and you will be able to give access or remove access to anyone required. 

Searching to change locks on your property? Kaba Simplex Commercial keyless door locks are a the best option to secure your business entry door ! 

Entry door locks are a very important part of securing your property.

Prior changing locks Learn more the different options of KABA Simplex locks that are available for your business :

Mechanical Keyless Door Locks Sale Repair & Install Recommended By Matrix Locksmith Toronto

  • Kaba Simplex 1000
  • Simplex L1000 – Lever
  • Simplex Lh1011 Lever 
  • Simplex 3000 – Narrow 
  • Simplex 5000 Series 
  • 6200 Series Deadbolt Lock 
  • 9600 Series deadbolts or deadlatched locks, locks for cabinets and file cabinet drawer
  • Simplex 7100 Series
  • Kaba Simplex 1000      
  • Simplex L1000 – Lever
  • Simplex Lh1011 Lever
  • Simplex 3000 – Narrow
  • Simplex 5000 Series
  • 6200 Series Deadbolt Lock 
  • Simplex 7100 Series
Kaba 3001-26D-41 Narrow Stile Lock with Thumbturn

KABA Simplex 3001 Thumbturn

Kaba Simplex 1000 Access control keyless lock

KABA Simplex 1000

Kaba Simplex 5000 Series Cylindrical Mechanical Pushbutton Lock, Throw Latch, Floating Face Plate, BacksetPin Length

KABA Simplex 5000 Cylindrical

Kaba Simplex 7100 Series Metal Mechanical Pushbutton Auxiliary keyless Lock with Thumbturn

KABA Simplex 7100 Auxiliary Lock

Kaba Simplex L1000 Series Metal Mechanical Pushbutton Cylindrical Lock with Lever, Key Override

KABA Simplex L1000 Cylindrical

Simplex 9600 - Cabinet Lock

KABA Simplex 9600 Cabinet Lock

Simplex Pushbutton Locks with Code
The Chamber Locking System learn More

Mechanical keyless door locks and cylinder categories by KABA are identified by numerical count.

Below is a list of all KABA product lock categories,  listed from the lower 900’s

All these locks are based on the same common basic locking system called 

A Chamber.

Let along the technical explanation of how the mechanical keyless door locks are working, our professional commercial locksmith had a short but a clear description  of what is a Chamber.

The Chamber holds in 5 wheels, each wheel carrying a slot. 

once the right number code is punch in, the slot of each wheel are aligned in the same direction.

Then the and only then lock can be unlocked. 

Mechanical keyless door locks and cylinder categories by KABA

The 900‘s Series basically are  deadbolt or a spring latch locks

The 1000‘s Series are the cylindrical lockset , 

The 2015‘s Series are the parts used for exit devices for the external part of the door,

The 3000‘s Series used for aluminum narrow stile door locks,

The 6200‘s Series used for the external deadbolt locks, 

The 6900‘s Series those are used as locks for file cabinetsdeadbolts or deadlatched locks,

The 7100‘s Series are used for auxiliary tach locks,

Auxiliary latch means, an additional latch that automatically deadlocks the main latchbolt when the door is in the closed position. Term is usually used with mortise locks. 

The last but not least 

The 8100‘s Series are the mortise locksets.



Mechanical keyless door locks are an inexpensive, simple and secure locks to provide keyless security and access control
without any batteries or wiring to secure the business entry doors.
There are different keyless access control locks, SIMPLEX, PUSH BUTTON LOCK & ENTRY.

The Mechanical Keyless access control locks require a code to allow keyless entry through a doorway.
Those types of commercial locks help the business owner to eliminate the risk of loosing keys
or even exclude the being worried about stolen keys.

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We carry a wide variety of different commercial locks options for your business and Home.

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The pushbutton mechanical keyless door Locks works exactly like a the old fashion lock we all familiar with. Unlocking and locking doors, —BUT the comfort level and the security appearance is the next level! . 


we will change your lock to perfectly fit your door

Our change lock services are most competitively priced and we provide the Best locks in the most reasonable prices.

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Change Lock or Lock Upgrade is Simple

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Our Locksmith will arrive to the required location for the change of locks, he will examine the door as well as the frame, the existing lock and will determine the right new modern lock you may consider to replace with .

The best and the inclusive way of changing your door locks is to include the handle as well, to fit best the complete look of having the same color and design. installing a brand new lock in its place.

Matrix Locksmith is offering the best change locks installation for that perfect fit and finish !

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mechanical keyless door locks


When To Call A Matrix Locksmith servicing Toronto and GTA? Once you have tried A DIY of a lock change, than you have probably by now understand that although its not a complicated installation BUT there are some details that only a professional locksmith can handle with. Qualifications and experience play in roll.

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