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How to Replace a Lost Motorcycle Key

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If you have ever owned a motorcycle, you most probably could have experienced losing your motorcycle keys.

The fact that you have to carry these keys all the place you go together with the loose chains that could be attached to them are the main reasons as to why you may end up losing your motorcycle keys.

Moreover, you may not have lost the motorcycle keys but could have bought a second-hand motorcycle that comes without a key.

In either way, having no key to your motorcycle places you at a need of a way out to having your motorcycle back to the road.

Nonetheless, losing motorcycle keys is not an end of the game. You can always get a replacement for the key and be up and running once again on the road.

The nature of the option you choose to get back your motorcycle keys determines the time you will probably take to recover your lost keys.

Fortunate enough Matrix Locksmith are Motorcycle LOCKSMITH can make you a new motorcycle key on the spot.

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There are several methods through which you can get new motorcycle key to replace the lost ones. They include the following:

  1. Accessing the ignition cylinder code,
  2. taking the whole ignition cylinder set up to the locksmith and have a new key made, replacing the ignition switch and key parts with a new system and have a key for the same, leaving it on the hands of the locksmith to sort it and have a new key made for the motorcycle. This is how a new motorcycle key is created, but doesn’t mean you have to go through the technical processes by your self ,
    Call our professional Toronto Locksmith and they will take care of the dissemble of the ignition and creating a new key

You need to understand that losing a motorcycle key is not a grave mistake. It happens and even if has not happened to you it may happen anytime. However, whenever it happens, you should remain calm and understand that you will through any of the said methods to be able to replace your lost keys.

As you go through this article, you need to first understand that the following article will talk about locksmith near me &  the processes of how to replace lost motorcycle keys near you .

Most of Motorcycle owners were a victim of losing a motorcycle key for several times now.

I will in this article explore all of the possibilities of obtaining a new motorcycle key, motorcycle key cutting,  to replace the lost one.

Accessing Motorcycle Ignition Cylinder Code

1. Obtaining The Cylinder Code.

A common identifier of old second-hand motorcycles is a missing key and ownership document. However, with the case of the lost key should not be a put off to you in buying a project motorcycle.

This is because you can easily get a replacement of the key at little or nearly no cost. The only thing to consider here is the make and model of the motorcycle.

If the make and model are not centuries dated, then most probably you can get a key replacement to the motorcycle.

  1. You need to locate the ignition cylinder code. This is written on the left side of the silver metal platter of the ignition section where you put in the motorcycle key.
  2. If you cannot locate it effortlessly, you may need to loosen up your motorcycle to be able to find the cylinder code. This is more of a security code and cannot, therefore, be easily displayed to everyone and the reason you may need to loosen the cylinder to get it.
  3. You need to correctly write down the cylinder code. You should also clean the section of the code if it is dirty and the codes invisible. Thereafter take a clear photo of the code with your phone. You may need to show it up to the locksmith.
  4. You should thereafter make a call to your local locksmith and confirm whether the locksmith makes replacement to Bike key without other needs besides the cylinder code. Some locksmith may tell you to get a blank key from your dealer and have it cut at the locksmith place.

However, Matrix locksmith is always near you carries & stocks these car key blank, does the motorcycle key replacement much faster than having to wait for delivery of your blank key.

  • A cylinder code is always a three to four-digit code.
  • The locksmith has numbers and values from which they read to understand the type of key they need to cut from the cylinder code to suit the ignition cylinder.
  • You should be able to obtain your new key through this least expensive method.

NB: If the same motorcycle key is used to open the fuel tank and other locks in the same bike, you then have more options of getting your cylinder code because all these parts contain the same key code.

Replacing your Motorcycle Ignition cylinder – Getting new Motorcycle Keys

2.      Taking Your Motorcycle Ignition Cylinder To A Locksmith. Or Having A Locksmith Near you arriving to the Bike.

In some instances, your ignition cylinder may either not have a code or the code may have been there but damage and not readable.

In such a case you can, therefore, consider taking the Motorcycle ignition cylinder to a locksmith.

  • This is for the case where you do not even have a key code.
  • Though the codes make the key replacement work easy, you and still arrive at the same result but this time for some effort and cost as you will need to have the ignition cylinder loosened and removed from its place and making it appear before a locksmith.
  • Before you consider taking your ignition cylinder to a locksmith, you need to first call Matrix locksmith, since our locksmith can do it for you! And save you the trouble.

It is not every locksmith who can handle an ignition cylinder key replacement. But our professional local Toronto locksmith are highly train, their expertise is with Automotive locksmith services .

Confirming, therefore, makes you understand that your situation can be handled by which locksmith. If the locksmith can be available and agreed to come to your doorstep rather than you bringing the ignition cylinder then they might save you the cost.

You need to explain in your confirmation call the make and model of your motorcycle so that the locksmith can fully assess if they can handle the replacement.

  • You need to remove the two bolts that tighten the ignition cylinder in its place together with the wiring harness that is therein. It is important to label the wiring harness when removing the ignition cylinder so that you are sure which part to re-fix where when you shall be re-fixing the system back.
  • The bolts should also be well kept and labelled to avoid them getting lost and mixing them up.

NB: You may need to take a few photos of the ignition cylinder before any touch of the screens and spanners and use colored tapes to mar the wiring harness. This will help you know which areas to re-fix were when getting the ignition cylinder back to the system.

From the experience our customers have with bringing an ignition cylinder to a locksmith, most of them admits to the fact this is an expensive and time-consuming method of replacing a motorcycle key. However, it is agreed that it is doable.

  • The locksmith takes a blank key, fixes it to the ignition switch and twists the blank key.
  • The key pins inside the ignition cylinder make marks on the blank key which locksmith uses to cut out a new key.
  • Though this is a long process with several modifications to have the work completely done, it is at the end day achievable and doableA good locksmith should be using this method to be able to produce you a new motorcycle key from this long method of working it out.

3.      Replacing Your Ignition Cylinder.

Despite the discussed first methods being cheaper, you may fail to get the cylinder or key code together with a locksmith who can make a key from the ignition cylinder.

As earlier mentioned, it is not every locksmith who may help with making a key out of an ignition cylinder.

Nonetheless, replacing the ignition cylinder with a new one of the same make and model should also arrive at the key replacement.

  • The new ignition cylinder comes with a new compatible key with your motorcycle. The process is however longer and tiresome but achieves the goal.
  • Your new ignition cylinder will take the place of the old one and therefore you need first to remove the ignition cylinder that you could be replacing.
  • The process of removing the ignition cylinder is as earlier mentioned which entails removing the two bolts and wiring harness that forms the ignition cylinder section. 

After this you need to check with local Locksmith whether they have stock of new ignition cylinder of your make and model.

A local Toronto Locksmith having the replaceable parts of the ignition cylinder can make it faster to replace the cylinder rather than having to order online and bear with the delivery wait of your parcel.

This is however the only option that remains when your local dealership fails to secure such replaceable part of the make and model of your motorcycle.

It is advised to read the description in the online shops like amazon and e-bay properly to avoid purchasing the wrong ignition cylinder.

Remember- An Automotive Locksmith can do it all for you!

But if you have decided to purchase an ignition by your on because you think this will reduce the cost of the ignition replacement Remember that you need the exact ignition cylinder like the one you are removing.

Do not be scammed of the descriptions that the ignition cylinders on sale are universally compatible with every motorcycle.

This could be true but with added costs on time and money by having to rewire the whole cylinder afresh to suit your make.

Therefore stick into purchasing the model, make and type of the ignition cylinder similar to the one being replaced. Personally I would suggest going with the all at 1 stop with the locksmith, without wasting time and extra money .

Ensure that the description states the ignition cylinder comes with a new set of keys. It is emphasized that you need extra care and caution sensitive to every detail in the description of online ignition cylinder purchase.

A new ignition cylinder should thereafter be fixed to its position in your motorcycle using the removal criteria. Use the two bolts that should come with the new ignition cylinder to tighten it up in its position keeping the new wiring harness that comes with the new ignition cylinder. Though the time taken in accessing a new ignition cylinder may belong as compared to the other two mentioned methods above, this process too achieves the replacement of motorcycle keys. You however need to consider this method when you do not have a rush for the replacement and returning of your motorcycle back to the road as this is best served by the earlier discussed methods.