Newmarket is a town located twenty-five kilometers to the North of Toronto and the seat of the Regional Municipality of York. Just about forty-five minutes transit time from the city of Toronto, Newmarket is a member of the Greater Toronto Area, and part of Canada’s largest, most multicultural urban area. With close to 90,000 residents, Newmarket’s population is skilled, educated, and experienced. The city shows an impressive education level as over a quarter of the population has a university degree, and over half has a post-secondary degree from a college of a university.

Initially, the city was a farming community and later developed an industrial center section around 1850. With the construction of several highways that connected the town to Ontario, it became a bedroom town. Today, the city´s Official Plan expects to develop different areas such as the business services sectors, the knowledge industries as well as the manufacturing, administrative and retail sectors.

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The history of Newmarket begins in June 1800, when a Quaker named Timothy Rogers from Vermont explored the land around the Holland River to find a suitable site for a proposed Quaker settlement. In 1801 he returned leading several Quaker families who wanted to get away from the disturbing situation of the post-independence war years and, in the process, founded Newmarket.

During the Canadian-American War of 1812, when the North-West Fur Company began using Yonge Street as a vital link in its fur trade network, the area began to grow. At that time, the village replaced York (Toronto) as the center for the annual distribution of “presents” to Native Peoples who were vital to the fur business. The increasing trade transformed the town into an extensive market center for all of the settled region. Thus was born the name Newmarket in the 1820s. In 1857 the place was incorporated as a village and became a Town in 1880. After the Second World War, Newmarket experienced another boom and from the years 1950 to 1970, the population more than doubled. It has increased sevenfold since then up to the present days when it is around 86,000 people.


The community can be considered a relatively affluent one as the average household income is $115,849. As a result, more than 80% of Newmarket homes are owned. The population growth rate has surpassed the rates of Ontario and Canada and is projected to continue to grow through 2026. The population born outside of Canada reaches 27.21%, making the city a real multicultural urban center. Most of the immigration comes from Asia, mainly from China, South East Asia, and The Philippines.

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Schools in Newmarket seem to be faring well, according to the Frasier Institute and the SUSI Rankings which some consider as undoubtedly the most reliable when determining the rankings for the best schools in Newmarket, and possibly even the best schools in Whitchurch-Stouffville. These towns have elementary schools that rank above-average compared to the rest of the schools in Ontario (comparing EQAO pass-rates). The SUSI Rankings gives Newmarket over 30% of the best schools in the whole area, including number two and three of the best k-8 schools, and ten out of twenty- seven best primary schools in the Aurora, Newmarket, King, Georgina, East Willimbury, and Whitchurch-Stouffville areas.

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