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If you lost your car keys you do not have to worry anymore. Matrix Locksmith, conveniently located in the Toronto Greater Area, can provide you with a perfectly made replacement key.

There are many car dealers that will insist that you go to them in case you need a key replaced or a transponder to be reprogrammed. They will say that their keys are impossible to duplicate. But nothing farther from the truth. However, their reasons to say this are valid. To competently duplicate a car key, especially if it’s for a newer model, you need expert locksmiths with specific certifications.


Our team is constantly trained in the latest automotive locksmith methods and protocols. And our shops are equipped with the latest key duplication and transponder programming hardware. We guarantee your new key will work seamlessly, and you will retain total access authority. We do this for a lower price than any car dealer in Ontario.

If you need a new duplicate of your car keys, make sure to have:

  • A) Your car key configuration: It can be found on the chassis number or your registration document.

  • B) Proof that you are the genuine owner: This is for security reasons. We will need to see a picture ID and the log book.

  • C) Your code card: To program the key´s chip, bring the code card supplied by your manufacturer.

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If you do not have a code card, or fear your transponder was stolen and someone might have access to your vehicle. Our experts are able to reprogram the receiver or ECU to accept a brand new transponder signal.

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