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Car theft is on the rise in North America. So the need for effective yet affordable security solutions for your vehicle has become a number one priority for Matrix Locksmith. We are the real experts when it comes to installing the latest protection products for your car, unlocking doors, fixing jammed ignition cylinders and creating duplicates for all your keys, including transponder codes. If you are having a problem with your car locks, or you just want to take your vehicle´s security to the next level, do not hesitate to contact Matrix Locksmith.


Although brand new vehicles now come with more advanced locking and alarm systems, the fact that they are industry standard, make them vulnerable to violation by a determined car thief. That is why installing better and more advanced locks is greatly important.

Our master locksmiths will install any lock system and anti-theft device on your car no matter the model or make. We also guarantee a flawless installation that will leave no dent or scratch on your paint finish or interior upholstery.


If you are in the Toronto Greater Area, you can be sure there is always a Matrix Locksmith mobile unit around the corner for you in case you need a fast lock out for your car. We work with the latest unlocking equipment to guarantee that your car door, trunk or ignition is unlocked in no time, and your car suffers no damage. This cost effective approach lets you keep your peace of mind while you save money.

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This is a common issue. It is greatly unnerving when we are out there in the cold and snow, wanting to get into our warm sanctuary, just to find out we left our keys at the other side of the door. Not all of us are provident enough to have a spare key right under the welcome mat or behind the bumper on the frame of your car using a magnetic key holder.

So, the best way to solve this without having to break a window or damage your locks is to call Matrix Locksmith emergency services. We not only are able to open any kind of door. We do it without causing any damage and would provide you with a duplicate if you need it.

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