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What is an Exit Device ​/ Commercial door closer

Some you you may not know but exit devices have many names be called,

  • Panic Device
  • Crash Bar
  • Touch Bar

The name crash bar and panic bar were given to the exit device due to the way of a mass of people panicking while trying to exit the door due to an emergency and crashed into the doors in order to exit.

This is a mechanical door hardware helps to release the door by forcing on the cross bar or push rail will release the door, it is a mandatory exit device on commercial doors by law in Toronto and basically in all Ontario, its there to save life and permit an easy exit while an emergency occurs

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Your Company or residential building has to be fitted with the latest panic and fire security devices, that is why you have to buy exit alarm devices. Federal and province regulations make these mandatory and we, at Matrix Locksmith, provide all your emergency hardware solutions in one place. We also work closely with local locksmith authorities to help them raise consciousness about the use of reliable emergency and exit devices in factories, office buildings, residential buildings and even education and health institutions. Their installation and use is regulated by the Toronto Municipal code, in their chapter 629 of property standards.


Top Quality Exit Door Alarm Hardware

To make sure your workplace is 100% safe and sound, you must only hire the best security experts in your area. Our master locksmiths are the only certified technicians able to install the latest and most robust security solutions for factories, office buildings and government institution. Ask about our access control systems for large buildings and even sanitary institutions.

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