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Deadbolt Locks

Anyone serious about home or office security knows that deadbolts provide the best protection on front and back doors. Nothing beats a solid and expertly installed deadbolt to keep burglars away.

Deadbolts differ from door knobs in that they do not contain springs in their internal mechanism. They can be paired with regular lever or hinged knobs to maximize your protection and peace of mind.

It is true that controlling what happens in the outside world is nearly impossible. But having total control inside your own premises is not so hard. Protect your home from attacks made with hammers, pry bars, bumper kits or saws. Deadbolts can withstand direct attacks with great ease due to their sturdy nature and construction.


If you are looking for quality when getting your new deadbolt lock, come to Matrix Locksmith, the best experts in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Get single or double cylinder deadbolts depending on your requirements. Remember, single cylinders are safer because they allow you to get out of your home during and emergency even if you can’t find your key. However, it is not recommended to install them on door that are near windows.


Although many deadbolts are easy to install. Get the help of a professional if you want to enjoy full protection. It is not uncommon to find great locks picked just because of a faulty installation.

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