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File Cabinet Locks

Offices and businesses rely on their information management systems. Neatly organizing documents in file cabinets is not enough. You need to control the access to vital documents. That´s why you need the best file cabinet locks the market can provide.

A great file cabinet will not only keep your documents safe from unauthorized access. They will also protect vital information from natural or accidental disasters such as fire or flooding.

  • Protect your business information

  • Protect your customer’s privacy

  • Protect your personal information

  • Maintain an organized environment

  • Prevent stolen files, documents or electronic media

File Cabinet Locks


Matrix Locksmith carries locks for any file cabinet in the market with locking capabilities. Whether you want to install a lock for your cabinet, or you need to replace your cabinet´s lock cylinder.

We offer versatile options. Many of our locks are stocked keyed alike. So, if you need several cabinets to be opened with the same key, just ask our lock experts and they will show you our ample catalog of locking options for documents.


If you have an old file cabinet that needs a new lock, or you are planning on furnishing your office with file cabinets, you just need to contact our locksmith specialists and ask them if we have the specific lock you need. There are many manufacturers, so make sure you mention the brand. That will help us determine the locks that better fit your needs and hardware.

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