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Get the best magnetic locks for your business or residential buildings. Strong magnetic locks are extremely versatile as they can secure any door, provided it closes against a fixed stop. They are perfect for both pedestrian and vehicular gates. Many of our models are compatible with most access control systems.

Magnetic Locks
image of magnetic lockset
magnetic lock for commercial door
image of magnetic hardware
image of 180kg holding force magnetic lock


Magnetic locks are great because they have no moving parts that can wear out or get jammed. They get instantaneously released with the touch of a button, and they all come with extra features such as built-in buzz, and fail safe features that allow you to open the lock in case of power outages. They are great options for fire or emergency exits. The come in single and double lock models.

Check our computerized access control kits. Grant or restrict access easily. Schedule automatic lock and unlock times. Get regular access audit logs. Matrix Locksmith will expertly and efficiently install your new magnetic locks. If you want a perfectly operational door, only trust professional and certified locksmiths. We guarantee a cost effective installation, and full feature usability from day 1.

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