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The Mechanical Development Company is one of the most recognized high security lock manufacturers in North America. With over 50 years of experience, it specializes in grade 1 security solutions for commercial, educational, and even military installations.

When installing the newest Medeco locks, make sure you call an authorized and certified dealer so you are sure your security solutions are 100% functional and all their features work seamlessly. Never put your family and property at risk. If you are looking for specific Medeco products, contact our security experts and they will guide you through the an up to date catalog of options.

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  • Industrial and Utility – Medeco Intelligent Key Systems help you protect access to remote and unattended locations in factories and the utility sector.

  • Commercial – Medeco offers solutions for businesses that want to prevent unlawful entries. They also offer Intelligent keys that allow owners to audit and schedule key usage. We also offer solutions for the banking environment.

  • Healthcare  – Never expose your institution to serious liability problems. Our solutions are specially designed to face the challenges and problems unique to the healthcare sector.

  • Education  – Schools and universities have varied environments that present different security challenges. Protect lab equipment, medical and academic records. Have complete access control and audit options.


If you plan to obtain the more advanced options for your home or office, please make sure to contact one of our security experts and schedule a visit. We will make sure you get the best option for your specific needs.

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