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Mortise Locks

There are ways to make your front door more impenetrable to burglars. Mortise locks excel at this, and they also bring that traditional and quaint elegance to any front door you install it into.

If you own a high security or large door, the best option for you is to have it fitted with a mortise lock. There are great advantages to it. versatility, durability, protection and elegance are all features pertaining to mortise locks.

Mortise Locks


Unlike hinged knobs and cylinder locks, mortise locks are inserted inside your door, making it more difficult to tamper with or destroy. It makes it a great choice for homeowners who are worried about attacks made with tools designed to break locks from the outside. They bring elegance to your front door. Their aesthetic appeal is unquestionable. They provide a lot more style options than conventional cylinder locks.


They also come with more features, like the passage function that leaves your door shut but unlocked, ideal for interior doors. Entrance doors are equipped with a latch on the inside and can only be opened with a key from the outside.

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