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Security Padlocks

Keep your privacy intact with the best padlocks your money can buy. Secure your garage, gate, shed, lockers or bike with a strong padlock specially created to that end. We have them in all sizes and materials. You can get weather resistant padlocks for outdoor uses and make sure our winter does not eat it away. Take into account the following advice:

  • The bigger the better:  This is true in most cases. However, check the material and configuration of your padlock. If the padlock leaves too much space for a bolt cutter to get in, it becomes useless.

  • Material is everything:  Stainless steel is great to keep rust away, but hardened or alloy are definitely stronger for regular indoor use.

  • Get more pins:  The more pins your key has, the more security it provides.

  • Core: The kind of cylinder has a great importance when it comes to padlocks. Some have very strong security measures, while others have a removable core, allowing you to replace it with better options and keep your great padlock even if you lost your key.

  • Prevent attacks: Shrouded shackles are great to prevent attacks with bolt cutters. Anti-drill plates prevent drilling, and anti pick pins would deter any burglar.


Just come to any of our shops located in the Greater Toronto Area and take a look at our ample variety of Padlocks.  Get the one crafted specifically to fit your requirements.

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