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Rogers Centre
Rogers Centre 2018-04-02T16:06:17+00:00

Rogers Centre, also called by many people “Skydome” is one of the most famous and beloved landmarks in the Toronto skyline. It is an architectural wonder. Let´s see some of its most unusual features: first and foremost, it can change seat configuration from baseball, football and concert modes. It has a diameter of 700 feet and occupies an area of 11.5 acres of downtown Toronto. Its retractable roof was the world´s first when inaugurated and can open and close in less than 20 minutes. It covers an 8-acre area, and it is tall enough for a thirty-one story building to be inside it. A gigantic video board that is 110 feet wide and 33 feet tall is housed inside the Centre.

If you want to enjoy the wonders of this Centre, you should take a walking tour that lasts an hour and gets you to all the different levels. It is a thrilling experience to see the roof retract and the building change configuration. The place was built in 1989 as a multi-purpose stadium following a design by Rod Robbie and Michael Allen. Its original name was Skydome, but in 2005 Rogers Communications bought it and changed its name. Among some of the features of the place, it is worth mentioning that it has a 700-hundred room hotel attached to it.

The Rogers Centre is home to several sports groups such as Toronto Blue Jays, a Major League baseball team, the Canadian Football League´s Toronto Argonauts. Concerts are frequently held as well as soccer matches, motorsports and a variety of events that range from family events to private and corporative ones.

The Rogers Centre Tour Experience lasts approximately an hour, and visitors can get an inside view that includes a visit to unique venues like the Blue Jays Hall of Fame, a renovated museum, a fully decked out luxury suite, and press box. The Centre is located on Bremner Street 100 level, next to Gate 5. It is next to another city´s landmark, the CN Tower.

When visiting Toronto, don´t forget to take your time for a visit to this fantastic place. Enjoy the sporting events or take the guided tour. Both options are entirely satisfactory, and it is an experience that you´ll never forget. The Centre is the recipient of different awards and accolades in the industry of stadium entertainment. It has become a model for architects as there are many stadiums around the world that mimic its features.

You won´t be disappointed if you visit Rogers Centre or even the Matrix Locksmith. More than 60 million people have visited the place so far, making it one of the busiest sports venues in the world. It has been the ”stadium of the year” four consecutive years. The Centre is also home to music, cultural, winter, and summer festivals. It is easy to get to Rogers Centre, as it is accessible by subway (Union Station or St. Andrew station). You can get there by Streetcar, by GO train and GO Bus. As parking is limited, it is better to use some of these transport alternatives.

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