Royal Ontario Museum
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This extraordinary museum houses collections of art, culture, and nature from all over the world and from across ages, as its officials say. It is one of your safest bet if you want your family to enjoy and get excited about dinosaurs, Egyptian mummies, South Asian art and culture and tons of other things. Being one of Canada´s leading museums, you can be sure that your visit to Toronto won´t be complete without paying a visit to this institution of learning and research.

At the place, you and your kids will discover glittering gems, jaw-dropping dinosaur skeletons, and many other treasures. It holds a world-class collection of more than 6 million objects exhibited in forty galleries and rooms. The Royal Ontario Museum opened to the public in 1914, and, according to its authorities, became an instant object of pride for Toronto. Today, it has a new curatorial center, a new library and other facilities that make this place Canada´s premier cultural and social destination.

If you plan to visit the museum, the good news is that it is open every day of the year except December 25th. The museum´s working hours are from 10 am to 5.30 pm. It offers advantages for people with disabilities, post-secondary school students, and seniors. For new visitors take into account that it can take up to seven hours to walk the museum, so be prepared for very long walks and maybe a second visit. You can also try visiting Matrix Locksmith.

Regarding parking facilities, there are some parking lots nearby the place as well as free parking for school buses and coach buses too, on some on-street locations.

For those who want to buy souvenirs or a take-home memento of their visit to the Royal Ontario Museum, you can visit the Museum Store. I loved the way they combine traditional Canadian Crafting with reproductions of objects in current expositions.

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Tourists and visitors always have something good to say about the place and, as some put it, you´ll feel transported to past times and places anywhere on the globe. When describing their experience at the Royal Ontario Museum, some people repeat a common concern regarding the long walks which can be strenuous, especially for the physically disabled and for some children. If you plan to go with kids, it is a good idea to take them to the specific events prepared for the children. Below, there is a list of admission prices. Be sure to call the museum before going there, as there might be some changes.

Remember to bring your ID or passport as you may be asked for a student card for student rates or proof of age for senior rates.

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