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The Metropolitan area of Toronto has experimented an accelerated expansion during the last decades. The neighborhoods of Etobicoke were absorbed by the big T, and it has commenced a new era of development for this area which coincides with our rise, #1 Etobicoke Locksmith.

Matrix Locksmith mainly performed installation jobs for major companies that were headquartered in Etobicoke. Now, with the recent residential developments seen along Bloor Street and Humber Bay, we have now been working closely with contractors who ask us to design and install all the security and protection system for new big condos and shopping malls that are coming to life this very year.

We are happy to see that Matrix Locksmith takes an active part in our city´s development.

Door Repair – Etobicoke Locksmith

Door Repair, we are a professional local locksmith company , specializing with locks keys and door .

We located in Richmond Hill ON , servicing Toronto and the greater Toronto area .

Matrix locksmith provides same day services, we answer all your Emergency and non- emergency locksmith and door repair needs.

  • Than the answer is simple , if your door working properly, and the door has no signs of any issues, the only thing left to do is to tune up the door and the mechanical parts of it only once a year. This ensures reliable, smooth operation and safety.

  • In case if your door makes grinding sounds while opening or closing, also might have have any other issues you have noticed, you need to call Us for an immediate door repair, our locksmith will arrive to your house or business and inspect the problem on the spot, provide you with an appropriate report and all prices for the repair .

Here are some of the available door type we service

  • Fire Rated Door

  • Sliding Door repair

  • Glass Door Repair

  • Commercial Door Repair

  • Residential Door Repair

  • Metal Door Repair – usually within our commercial customers

  • Store front Door Repair – we understand the emergency of having a quick fix as this is a safety to protect your valuable product .

  • Break- in Door Repair

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Etobicoke

It is now easier than ever to serve Toronto Locksmith service too in our beloved community of Etobicoke. Our response times in the area have been reduced 25% during the last year, making us the most reliable and responsible locksmith service in Etobicoke.

We open any lock in seconds and create flawless key duplicates for all kinds of locksets. Regular pin tumbler locks, to dimple, to Abloy. We have the right tools for the job. We can also unlock any car door or trunk. Even ignition cylinders are easy to repair or replace, making sure you are back on the road within minutes after you called us.

The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank just because a simple mistake. A lost, misplaced or broken key does not have to mean the end of your savings account. Call our professionals and enjoy the best locksmith service in town for a fraction of what others charge.

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