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Matrix Locksmith is known for its irreproachable reputation and proven efficiency. Our certified Maple Locksmith experts are your best choice when looking for the best security products and solutions for every situation.

If you are having any problem with your vehicle locks, or if you were a victim of a lockout situation, you only need to call the only service that offers affordable and customer-oriented service 24/7.

Our friendly locksmiths will arrive within minutes to your location, no matter where in Maple or the Greater Toronto Area you are. You will never be left out in the cold while waiting for help to arrive.

The vibrant community of Maple was a natural magnet for us as professional locksmith solutions providers due to its expansive attributes. What we did not know is that it was such a hard working and authentic community.

Matrix Locksmith has learned a lot from the people of Maple, and we are proud of serving them every day. Our tech guys are really pleased when they receive a call from someone in Maple. We are always five minutes away and have a record of solving any problem related to doors, locks and security systems within minutes.

Residential Maple Locksmith

Being comparatively small, locksets are often overlooked. Their function to protect your assets and provide privacy is taken for granted by most. However, having good quality locks and deadbolts should be on top of your priorities if you really want to forget about the fear of falling victim of a break in situation, or getting locked out because our winter ruined the inner workings of your door. Call our experts and find out more about state of the art and elegant locksets. We also perform rekeying job in case you just moved into a new home, or you are worried your old tenants have kept a copy of your keys.

Commercial Maple Locksmith – 24/7 Emergency Services

Doors and locks are an essential part of having a business. they not only limit the entrance of uninvited individuals. They also guarantee that vital components and documents stay within your exclusive reach.

Matrix locksmith, in our compromise to protect the people of Maple, also offers the latest panic and exit hardware for your workplace or residential venue. Only our experts are fully certified to install them following the strictest federal protocols and regulations, so you can enjoy all their features and the sense of security they bring.


Make sure you always have our contact information at hand in case you need help with a locked door, or a broken ignition. We are your trusted specialists when it comes to car door or trunk unlock, ignition repair or replacement, car key cut and duplicates, and transponder programming.

Additionally, We offer new lock installation for any car model and make. Most new cars come with seemingly impenetrable security systems. However, mass production makes them pretty common in a short time and burglars eventually find a way to crack them. Our vehicle experts recommend that you check the latest anti-theft devices especially created to make your car unstealable. Installation and maintenance procedures should never leave dents or scratches on your vehicle. Call our Auto Locksmiths in Toronto to make sure this never happens to you.


This is a common issue. It is greatly unnerving when we are out there in the cold and snow, wanting to get into our warm sanctuary, just to find out we left our keys at the other side of the door. Not all of us are provident enough to have a spare key right under the welcome mat or behind the bumper on the frame of your car using a magnetic key holder.

So, the best way to solve this without having to break a window or damage your locks is to call Matrix Locksmith emergency services. We not only are able to open any kind of door. We do it without causing any damage and would provide you with a duplicate if you need it.

Maple Locksmith

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