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Smart Or Traditional Electronic Locks: Which Is Better?

Have you ever misplaced your key or given a spare to a friend who then lost it? Losing keys is inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous. Have you considered replacing your lock with an electronic one? The types of locks available on the market change as technology advances. For their homes and/or companies, many people have pondered replacing their basic lock functionality with something more high-tech. But, with so many options, how can you know which one is best for you in Brampton?

When considering a lock improvement, consider the following questions:

How many people will require entry/access?

Will I be able to lock and unlock my house from afar?

Is a security code required?

Is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi required?

Smart door lock
Electronic locks

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Electronic Smart Lock

Smart locks have been highly popular in the residential market over the last few years. It’s no surprise that, with the proliferation of smart devices and their capacity to communicate with one another, upgrading to a smart lock seems like the next natural step.

When used in conjunction with a smart device such as an iPhone, smart locks can make life much easier. “How’s that?” you might wonder, given features like auto-locking after a certain length of time when you leave your house and auto-unlocking when you enter Wi-Fi range. That seems far more appealing than rummaging through your purse or fumbling with your keys. Others in your home can also download the lock compatible app, giving them access to the same functions.

Assume a neighbor or family member comes to your house to ask for a favor. Your neighbor needs to borrow an extension ladder, or your sister needs to look through your closet before going to a function. They attempt calling after the doorbell rings and there is no answer. If you have a video doorbell, you may be able to see who is at the door and wish to let them in. A smart lock, on the other hand, allows you to unlock the door from almost anywhere. You’ll also be notified every time the door is locked and unlocked. For most people, the convenience and peace of mind that a Smart Lock provides makes sense.

On the negative, as with any technology, it is possible for a malevolent person to hack into it. Though the chances are minimal, it is still possible, which is one of the reasons why many are afraid to get a smart lock for their home. Battery life and Wi-Fi range are two important aspects to keep in mind. Long before your batteries are depleted, smart locks will alert you. You may still use your physical key to enter if you neglect to replace the batteries before they die. If replacing batteries isn’t an issue and your Wi-Fi is up to par, you’re probably ready to shop for a smart lock.

But how much do they cost you at least?

Smart locks are available in a variety of price ranges, but the typical cost is around $200. To mention a few, August and Yale locks are among the most common.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Traditional Electronic Lock

Traditional electronic locks, unlike technologically advanced smart locks, do not require Wi-Fi, a smartphone, or a smart device to operate. Because they represent less of a security danger, this type of lock is suitable for high-end houses and businesses. You don’t have to worry about prospective hackers because they’re not connected to the internet. You can even connect numerous deadbolts to the same security or automation system with standard electronic locks.

Some traditional electronic locks can keep track of individual access codes if you’re a business owner. It can use data trackers to record which employee entered a door at a specific time. One disadvantage of these locks is that you must keep track of all of the access codes and who has access to which areas.

How much would an electronic deadbolt cost me?

Electronic locks can be expensive to use to safeguard points of access in a large home or business, especially if they are part of a system. They’re a cheaper option to a smart lock if you only require one or two for the front and rear doors and don’t plan on combining them with any form of data logger or monitoring system. The average cost of a standard electronic lock is roughly $60 when purchased directly from the manufacturer (pun intended).

What criteria do I use to determine what is best for me?

At the end of the day, choosing locks boils down to personal preference, security requirements, and whether or not a technical upgrade is feasible. Rekeying your locks is another alternative if you want to keep your existing locks despite losing a few keys.

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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”

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