St. Lawrence Market
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St. Lawrence Market

Freshly Prepared Cheese Anyone?

If you are a lover of dairy products, you will have a blast at St. Lawrence Market. There are hundreds of different produce and farmer´s products that can make anyone´s mouth water. St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, considered by National Geographic Magazine experts as the world´s top food market since 2012, hasn´t let go ever since. This honor is easy to understand when you take into account the many features the market has. The St. Lawrence Market Complex is a group of three buildings that have been the heart, so to speak, of Toronto´s social, business, political, and commercial life throughout the city´s history.

St. Lawrence offers the tourist and the visitor the experience of a real farmers market. The South Building, for instance, has not only food to offer their habitués, tourists and visitors; it has artisan vendors, and a Market Gallery that shows art, culture, and history exhibits. It also features cooking classes for people from all walks of life.

Every Saturday, early in the morning, you can see farmers arriving at the North Market Building. There, the farmers sell meat, cheese, and produce they bring directly from their farms. The same thing has happened every week, practically unchanged, for more than 200 years. Today, the St. Lawrence Hall, with its Great Hall, still is the city´s place for social and business affairs, as it has been for the last two centuries. Your tour of the Market won´t be complete if you miss this part of the Complex.

The market is principally famous for its food. However, this historic place is home to many different shopping and cultural activities. For example, when you tour the Market, you can come across crafts and artisan works from all over the world. Everything, from handcrafted jewelry to accessories, to souvenirs, to hand-made clothing, is sold by local artisans who will fascinate you with their unique abilities.

When feeling hungry, you always have the possibility of trying specialty food from vendors at the South Market Building. There, you can also find well established restaurants, in case you want to eat something more elaborated.

Some tourists are more than just curious about the great variety of gourmet food that can be found when strolling around the market. This has not been ignored by some of themost talented chefs in the area, and they now offer cooking shops and courses for those who want to impress their friends back home. If that´s your case, only register for one of the many cooking classes available at the Market and learn how to prepare your delicious gourmet food. Courses are offered all throughout the year.

St Lawrence has been the friendly place just like the Matrix Locksmith where Torontonians and visitors alike have met for centuries to buy food, do business and enjoy the benefits of a city center that combines the best from the farms and the best from the lively city of Toronto. Next time you come to T.O., come and join us. You won´t regret it.

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