Subaru Keys and Remotes
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Subaru keys and Ignition Replacement with Toronto Locksmith

Are you looking for a Subaru locksmith in Toronto? You came to the right place.

Our experts not only provide fast and professional car locksmith services in Toronto, we also offer extremely competitive prices and unmatched services to all of our customers.

Call us now, no mater where you are, and one of our dependable Toronto locksmiths will be with you in minutes.

Car keys Replacement

Bring your spare key, in case if you have lost your car keys let one of our expert car locksmiths cut and program a flawless and brand-new Subaru key.

You can save a few hundred dollars with us, no need to tow the car to the dealer, and pay $$$
Our Locksmiths are mobile and have an expertly made Subaru keys, and fobs they can arrive ASAP  for your convenience .

You don´t even have to get your step out of your house enjoy a premium car locksmith service in Toronto.

Our vehicles are fully equipped to craft a flawless and working duplicate on site.


Anti-Theft measures have dramatically driven car key replacement costs up.

The benefits of knowing your Subaru is really hard to steal are evident.

But what happens when your Subaru car key lost or damaged?

Dealers charge an arm and a leg for Subaru transponder key replacement, and most people feel cheated as not many car locksmiths offer reliable Subaru car key replacements.

Fortunately for you, Matrix auto locksmiths provides one of the most professional and affordable locksmith services in Toronto for Subaru owners.

Matrix Locksmiths in Toronto works with all major Asian, European and North American auto brands, making us the most reliable and experienced auto locksmith company in Toronto.

Contact us today, and get expert assistance from one of our qualified car locksmiths in Toronto.


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