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The Guide to Remove a Broken Key from the Lock: Simple and Effective Ways

We all have been in the situation where you are trying to remove a key from your lock, but it’s broken. You try twisting and pulling every which way, but nothing works. What do you do? Well, our blog is here to help! We will give you some information on how to remove a broken key from your lock easily and effectively with no frustration involved.

Despite your best intentions to lock up quickly, we all make mistakes when in a hurry. I am about to shut the door and lock it securely but as my hand rotates with pressure, I find that a key is wrapped around the knob which cannot be extracted. One of the most frustrating issues for homeowners is a broken key that refuses to come out, jamming itself in place within the lock.

If your key is broken, you may need to break the lock or remove the key from the lock. A professional may be needed or a do-it-yourself approach. 

Use the following methods to remove a broken key from a lock

1. Key Extractor Tool:

A key extractor is a small, thin piece of metal that has an opening on one end for the broken key to fit into. The other end can be inserted through the lock and then turned either clockwise or counter-clockwise until the broken part becomes free from the mechanism inside. This tool is typically used by locksmiths to remove a key from a lock.

key extractor tool

2. Super Glue:

super glue for key removal

If the key has broken off in the lock, it will need to be removed with a tool. Super glue can help if a broken part of the key is still sticking out of either side of the lock hole.

Put some super glue on one end and insert that into each side until you feel resistance from pulling on both sides together. It may cause the key to start sliding out, but it may also need a small twisting motion.

3. Use of the Tweezers:

If the key still has a small part of it that is sticking out, you can use tweezers to pull on the end. This will often work if it was just jammed in there hard enough and with some force, but not broken off completely. If this doesn’t work after several tries from both sides or pulling back and forth without success

4. Probe and Pull:

Take a thin screwdriver or probe and insert it into the lock. Push as far in as possible while rotating to find where there is resistance, then use firm pressure if you can feel that your broken key has stopped at an obstruction and pull it out.

If you are not sure if your key is broken or just jammed in there, try using a rubber band to pull back and forth on it from both sides. The pressure will be less than trying to unscrew the lock with a screwdriver or probe, but should still work even after it’s been broken. If the rubber band technique doesn’t work, then your key is probably broken and you’ll need to remove it with a hacksaw.

5. Hacksaw Blade:

If you have an old hacksaw blade, and the end of your key is sticking out a bit from the lock, carefully cut down on it. This may snap off most of what was left so that there are no sharp edges for this to snag on while trying to remove the key.

You should never use your teeth to try and pull the key out-this can be very painful! Remember that you’re better off not ingesting any metal at all, but if you must, go for an aluminium or copper object rather than steel. The latter will cause some serious stomach issues.

There are many ways to remove a broken key from the lock, but you should always be careful when trying these methods. It’s important to use caution and not become frustrated if your first attempts don’t work. Reaching out for help can sometimes be beneficial in removing a stuck key or fixing damage done by other techniques gone wrong. If you need assistance with anything related to locksmith services in Toronto such as door unlocking, car keys replacement, ignition repair or security system setup call Matrix Toronto Locksmith at 416-877-9297 today!

Hacksaw Blade

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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”

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