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The Pros and Cons of Keyless Locks

The new keyless locks are a significant game-changer for the security industry. However, there are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether they are suitable for your home. Follow this blog post as we discuss both sides of the argument! With technology advancing, traditional locks are quickly becoming obsolete with keypad locks and other new lock mechanisms.

With so many competing options available, you may find that a 4-digit code is a much less work than trying to finesse your old key into the old padlock. Let’s look at some benefits and drawbacks of using a keypad instead of traditional keys.

keyless lock

Integration with intelligent access control systems

Kaba Simplex 1000
  1. Easier to share with housemates or family members
  2. It can be installed in an existing door without removing the lock cylinder, which is required for most other types of locks.
  3. No need to worry about forgetting a key anywhere! Security benefits are also improved because some models of these locks can only be opened by those who know their code, and they cannot open unless you enter your pin correctly. 
  4. You will never have someone randomly show up at your front door again, asking if they can let themselves in to do a quick check on your home while you’re away from town. 

So what are the cons? This type of lock does require wiring that runs through walls and ceilings, so installation by your locksmith Toronto may not always be straightforward.

Convenience over traditional locks

Keyless locks offer both peace of mind and convenience, whereas traditional lock may not. While some insurance companies have adopted this form of protection in recent years due to convenience and ease of use for their customers. Some keyless locks can be more expensive, particularly when they are not adapted to the latest technology. If reliability is a priority for you or your business, traditional keys with locks may still be preferable.

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Integration with intelligent access control systems

You can give your family members in Toronto one access code and not have to worry about unlocking doors when they get home. While its drawback may be that an intruder can easily unlock your door with a simple device they bought at the store.

Plus, you have to change your code every time someone new is given access, and it’s easy for people not in the know about what’s going on inside to get hold of that info if you’re not careful.

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Tracking who is entering the house

Many keyless locking systems enable the user to assign different codes for each member of their family. It may also allow you to change or remove as many layers as needed- adding in new people without forcing everyone to change their code altogether.

There are some disadvantages to keyless locks, though, too. If someone has an identical set of codes as yours, they can get inside without any problem by pretending that it’s their house and typing in one of their own codes. There’s nothing stopping them from adding more people to your list.

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