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Ways to be a locksmith 

A locksmith is a professional who is trained on locks and keys used in security systems.

Locksmiths make keys and can manage any security systems that require locks.

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The use of locks to secure buildings,

cars, and other properties is high in Ontario as in any other part of the world making Locksmithing a noble career in Canada.

How to become a locksmith in Ontario

  • The educational requirements for training as a locksmith in Ontario is at least a 12th grade. This is followed by admission to a certified institution training Locksmith course. Also respected in Toronto Ontario jurisdiction.
  • There, you will attend 480 hours of in-class training that is mandatory before the industrial training.
  • This is followed by another 6000 hours of on the job training.
  • After completing this, you are issued with a certificate of apprenticeship as a journey person in the field.
  • A student can then if successfully pass the maximum training hours mentioned apply to get the Trade Equivalency Test.

If this test is passed, then you are certified as a journey trades person in the field of Locksmithing. This is the way to be a locksmith in Toronto.

Locksmith license in Ontario

Lock smith is a critical profession because of the fact that it involves securing systems.

Therefore, Canada has stringent measures through which a locksmith trained person should pass to get a license for the practice. the same as in the United States , there are different states with different laws, some city are not required to have Locksmith license for example Atlanta locksmith are not required but on the other hand Dallas Locksmith are required to have a licence . Same story in Canada each province is different when it gets to laws .

Different provinces of Canada hold independent measures and requirements for licenses and exercise this to every locksmith-trained person in their provinces.

Nonetheless, among the licensing bodies of locksmith in Canada includes,

The association of Ontario Locksmiths, British Columbia Association of professional locksmiths, and Institutional Locksmith organization of Canada.


Pay scale of locksmiths in Ontario

Indeed.com reports a pay scale of $22.34 per hour to locksmiths in Ontario.

This is said to be a pay scale that corresponds to the national pay of locksmith in Canada. However, this changes with the company that employees a locksmith.

The long-established companies in the market pays a locksmith a salary of up to $29 per hour in Ontario.

Beginner locksmiths attract a fair of the average salary with slight differences with the long experienced locksmiths in Ontario Canada. The typical tenure of a locksmith in Ontario is between 2 to 4 years.

Is a locksmith a good career?

The need for security lock systems in every part of the world increases the demand for locksmiths.

This is a professional career that will remain stable even in the future.

In as much as security systems will remain with locks, Locksmithing will also remain as a career that everyone will at some point in life need its service for security needs.

How long does a locksmith need to make a key?

This generally depends on the type of key and the purpose thereof.

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Nonetheless, a professional locksmith should not take more than one hour and a half to make a single car key.

He or she should also not take more than 10 minutes to unlock a car.

The experience of the locksmith is, however, determinant of how quickly they respond in unlocking security systems and making locks.

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