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The different tools and techniques used by locksmiths

Locksmiths are an integral part of our society, providing a vital service to businesses, homes, and individuals. Locksmith North York are highly skilled professionals who have mastered the art of lock-smithing, and use a wide variety of tools and techniques to provide secure and reliable solutions for any of your security needs. In this blog post, we will explore the different tools and techniques used by locksmiths to provide their services. We will look at the different types of tools they use, including manual tools, power tools, and specialized tools. We will also explore the various techniques they utilize to open, repair, or replace locks. Finally, we will discuss the importance of hiring an experienced, certified locksmith to ensure the highest quality service and the most secure results. So, let’s dive in and explore the different tools and techniques used by locksmiths.

1. Key cutting

Key cutting is the process of creating a duplicate of a key using specialized tools and techniques. Locksmiths typically use a key cutting machine to cut a new key from a blank, which is inserted into the machine, and then a sharp steel blade is used to cut the code of the key into the blank. The code can be obtained from the original key or from a lock, depending on the lock type. Key cutting machines come in all shapes and sizes, from manual versions, to motorized and computerized versions. They are typically used for creating duplicate keys for doors, cabinets, safes, and other similar items.

2. Lock picking

Lock picking is an essential skill for any locksmith. It involves the manipulation of a lock’s internal components in order to open it without the use of a key. Lock picking is a very delicate process, and requires a great deal of skill and precision. It is important for a locksmith to have a comprehensive understanding of the different types of locks and the tools and techniques used to pick them. Lock picking tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small hand picks to large mechanical pick guns. In addition, the locksmith may use special wrenches, tension tools, and even magnification devices to assist in the lock picking process.

tools and techniques used by locksmiths

3. Decoding

Decoding is one of the most important tools and techniques used by locksmiths. This is a process of obtaining a key for a lock without having a key to the lock. In some cases, a locksmith can decode a lock by looking at the grooves on its keyway, or even by taking the lock apart and examining its internal components. In other cases, a locksmith may use specialized decoding equipment to obtain a key for a lock. This process is often used when a key is lost or stolen and the lock needs to be opened without causing damage to the lock. Decoding is an essential skill for locksmiths and can be used to open a variety of different locks.

4. Utilizing key duplication machines

Key duplication machines are an important tool for locksmiths to have in their repertoire. The machines can quickly detect the shape and size of the blank key needed, and then use a cutting bit to precisely duplicate it. The result is a perfect copy of the original key. This is especially useful when customers have lost or forgotten their original key and need a new one quickly. Key duplication machines can also be used to create spare keys for customers, allowing them to keep a set of duplicate keys in a safe place at all times.

5. Installation of electronic locks

The fifth tool and technique used by locksmiths is the installation of electronic locks. These locks are becoming increasingly popular and offer an extra layer of security for homes and businesses. Electronic locks come in a variety of forms, ranging from biometric locks, which require a fingerprint for entry, to keycard locks, which require an access card to enter. The locksmith will not only install the electronic lock, but will be able to provide any advice or guidance needed on how to use it and maintain it.


Locksmiths are highly trained professionals who have a wide array of tools and techniques to help them in their work. From lock picking, to bypassing, to key cutting and programming, Matrix Locksmith North York can do it all. In order to be a successful locksmith, it is important to understand the different tools and techniques that are available and how to use them safely and effectively. With this knowledge, a locksmith is able to provide quality service and security to their customers.

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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”
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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”

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