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Man lockout of his car , waiting for a locksmith to unlock his car door

You May Try It YourSelf ?

Some will try to open their car door themselves, by using a coat hanger or a slim Jim.

While sometimes this may work but on the other hand with if an inexperienced person will try to do it this might come up with even more harm and damage to the vehicle .

With newer car models the door lockout is not as simple as it used to be , save the trouble and call us, so you can get back on the road without breaking the bank with our car lockout service in Toronto.

If you lost your keys, we create brand new car keys replacement right on the spot.  ,

How do i get into a locked car?

Some will ask what is a car lockout or How do i get into a locked car?

Put your worries away our team of locksmith are here to fast respond your emergency ,

our live dispatch team are here to take your calls and answer all your questions .

What does it means when your car door is locked

Having the keys locked in your car means you have no longer access to your car,

this situation is certainly frustrating but don’t you worry this happens a lot,

our locksmiths are here to

  • immediately assist you
  • with our mobile locksmith
  • equipped vans with tools and kits,

they can be at your location as fast as possible to unlock your vehicle.

How much does it cost for a car lockout ?

It all depends on the type of your car, year make and model are a factor for the varies prices for a door lockout

Call us and speak with our live dispatcher and get all fees and prices in advance .

Your Emergency is our first priority , because your security is our success!!


Our locksmith are dealing with locked doors on a daily basis therefore they have a top notch equipped vans with auto lockout tools and kits to provide you with the most efficient and professional auto locksmith service.

We unlock doors, trunks, and ignition cylinders. We also perform re-keying and craft key duplicates right on the spot with our state of the art and portable key cutting machines installed in all of our vans.


No matter where your car is located, whether its in the parking lot of a grocery store like Walmart or a hardware store like Canadian Tire, We Will Arrive to Your location ! As quick as you call.

Our locksmith are mobile and will drive to Toronto Ontario, Vaughan Ontario, King Ontario, Markham Ontario, Brampton Ontario, North York Ontario and all the surrounding areas

How to get in touch with Matrix Locksmith

Contact Us 7 days a week 24 Hours to assist you with any Locksmith related Service in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Any Lock any Key our professional locksmith can make it all . we can unlock and make a new Key from scratch on the spot !

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