Toronto Zoo
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The Toronto Zoo is another good reason for the city residents to feel proud of their city. The zoo, considered Canada’s top-rated wildlife park, is also one of the largest zoos in the world. With more than six miles of walking trails, over seven-hundred acres of extension and around 5,000 thousand animals from different species, this zoo has several habitats such as the Indo-Malaya which sports famous residents like the Sumatran orangutan and the Indian rhinoceros. The African Savannah area, where you get a chance to see white elephants and the African penguin, among other typical animals from that continent. This is a truly fascinating place for kids.

The African Rainforest is another habitat to head to and catch a glimpse of a naked mole rat, Western lowland gorilla, sacred ibis, royal python and pygmy hippopotamus.

Of course, the zoo has a habitat dedicated to the Americas’ wildlife: here you can see the otters at play as well as the Golden Lion Tamarins.

In the Australasia section, it´s possible to take a walk through the kangaroo range and enjoy the kookaburra, lorikeet, and other big birds in the aviary.

Another area, Eurasia, with its fascinating but hard to spot red pandas and, of course, the snow leopard and the Siberian tiger.

For a Canadian flavor of wildlife, you have the Canadian Domain, where you can spot their national pride: wolves, lynx, cougars, and more.

Finally, we encounter the Tundra Trek: The 10-acre section which features a 5-acre polar bear habitat and underwater viewing area.

The Toronto Zoo has tons of fun activities for kids and adults as well. The Zoomobile Ride takes you rambling down the track through all of the different habitats landscape, but that is just the beginning. There are plenty of activities adapted to each season like rope courses, pony and camel rides, a 2-acre water play area as well as a theater.

It´s not a surprise how much appreciation the zoo gets from the residents of the city of Toronto in general; It´s more than just a zoo, it´s a Center for interactive education and conservation of the natural world. The Toronto Zoo upholds the vision of preserving wildlife to ensure nature ´s diversity for the coming generations.

This learning and fun center is located on Meadowvale, north of Highway 401 (Exit 389 eastbound and westbound) and it´s accessible by car and public transport. It is also wheelchair available, although it has some steep grades. It offers the possibility of borrowing a wheelchair via a refundable deposit.

Regarding the operation hours, the great news is that it is open 364 days a year, closing only on December 25th. The actual hours vary according to the season and month in question, so it is better to check this information out on the Zoo´s website. Prices also vary, ranging from CA$ 23 for adults to CA$ 14 for children ages 3 to 12 in the winter. Summer admission prices are somewhat higher, CA$ 28 for adults and CA$ 18 for kids 3 to 12.

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