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What Are The Steps In The Process Of Making A Car Key?

You may find yourself in this troubling situation if you lose your car key. If the worst happens, you need a backup plan. Thousands of people lose their keys every day across the country. In the event that you lose your key and do not have a spare, what are your options?

You will need to hire someone to assist you with making a new car key if you find yourself in this situation. In order to produce car keys, you can hire a licensed and qualified 24 hour locksmith in Toronto. Here are the steps:


1. Finding the right blank key for your car

The first step in locksmithing is identifying the make, model, and year of the vehicle. Using specialized computer software and searching the vehicle information, a locksmith can identify the appropriate key blank for the vehicle.


2. Key Cutting (For Older Vehicles)

With this specialist software, the locksmith can create a key from the vehicle’s key code if the vehicle is older, and cut into the blank key. If no crucial code is available, the locksmith can perform the same procedure by removing the driver’s side door lock, over which the critical code is usually stamped. In the absence of a code stamped on the lock, a locksmith can cut keys for locks without codes. Locksmiths are trained to handle this part of the process and will be able to complete it in a professional and accurate manner using the right materials.

For our purposes, a professional electronic key cutting machine cuts keys to code, which means the key blank is cut according to the exact specifications specified by the factory through the keys’ code.

3. Programming of transponder keys (newer vehicles)

Newer vehicles generally use transponder keys. Keys with transponder technology have a chip containing the transponder code in their heads. When the ignition key is inserted into the ignition, a chip deactivates the engine, allowing it to start. Even if the key is turned to the ignition position, the car cannot be started without the correct chip.

Locksmiths can identify the key blank and transponder chip that must be programmed based on vehicle identification information in two different ways: first, using the vehicle identification information to identify the key blank and transponder chip.

Key cloning – Making a copy of both the physical cuts of the key and its transponder chip can be used to clone the key.

Key Programming – The process of programming keys into vehicles requires specialized equipment.

Using specialized software, locksmiths determine the key-making method and either copy or program the key into the vehicle. As part of this process, the remote control for the new key is often programmed to unlock the car and boot.

4. Conducting tests

You should test the car keys after they have been cut to code and the transponder chip has either been cloned or programmed to your vehicle, so you can make sure they are working properly.

It doesn’t take long to do this, and everyone will be satisfied with the results. Because the locksmith has the latest equipment and years of experience in similar situations, the key will likely work the first time since the locksmiths have years of experience and skill in similar situations and know what to do.


In reality, the equipment needed to “complete” this task typically costs tens of thousands of dollars, and training to become a specialized automotive locksmith takes many hours.

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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”

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