7 Ways to Unlock Your Gun Safe

It’s not uncommon for gun owners to lose track of their gun safe’s combination or key. When the gun safe lock malfunctions, the owner is unable to access anything on the inside. If this happens to you, rest assured that there are options available to help you get out of this situation. You can break into your own gun safe and get all of the valuables inside. Top-quality gun safes, on the other hand, are far more secure and sturdy, and will take a significant toll if the combination or key is ever lost. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about how to break into a gun safe and reclaim your assets.

Gun Safe

Unlock the Safe that Has Been Locked

The most common form of lock that becomes jammed is a combination lock. We’ll go over how to unlock a gun safe with a combination lock, but these techniques may be used to nearly any lock.

  1. Employ the services of a locksmith

People frequently neglect to call a locksmith when their safes become locked, despite the fact that it is the most obvious solution to the situation. Remember to call a locksmith before attempting to pry the lock open on your own. A  Matrix locksmith Brampton is a specialist who will not only repair your lock but will also make it reusable by not causing any damage to it in Brampton.

  1. Make use of the prying area

If you still can’t figure out how to open a gun safe, use the small space between the door and the safe’s body. This prying gap can be found in every gun safe. If the lock on your gun safe doesn’t function, you can pry open the safe with a rod or bolts in the prying space. If the prying space is too small, make your way with a powerful impact drill. When drilling, make sure you use diamond drill bits. However, your safe will become insecure as a result, and you will be unable to utilise it to store your valuables.

Push a rod or bolt into the prying space after you’ve discovered it. Outside, try to open the door using your tool. Make sure you don’t get harmed by the rod. You’ll probably fail the first couple of times, but with practise, you’ll be able to succeed.

  1. Locate the Key

Safes with a combination lock usually come with a key that may be used to manually override the lock. The key is located at the dial area on the front of the safe. Look for the key if your model has such an override option. It’s the quickest and safest method of regaining access to your locker. 

  • Using the key, open the lock.
  • Take out your gun safe handbook and read about how to change the combination to reset the lock.
  • Take out any guns or other valuables in the locker as a precaution, as the safe may be accidently locked again.
  • Allow the combination to rest.
  1. Make use of the Change Key

Although this method will not work on every gun safe model, you can try it with yours. A change key is a straightforward instrument for resetting the lock. You’ll need to know the combination, though. To access this key, you must first open the safe and look for a key on the door. You can remove this key while your safe’s lock is still operational and use it to manually override the lock later.

You don’t need to know the combination if you use the key on the front of the safe. Then you can alter the combination to something more memorable.


  1. Make use of a magnet

Yes, you may use a magnet to access some of the gun safes. If you’re unsure how to unlock a gun safe without a key, here is a terrific and yet simple approach. Rare-earth magnets can be found at your local home improvement store. The more powerful the magnet, the larger it is.

Due to the extreme power of the rare-earth magnet, electronics in the house can be ruined in seconds. As a result, ensure sure the magnet is kept away from all of your electronic gadgets. If you have a metallic medical device on your body, such as a pacemaker, don’t use the machine.

After you’ve gotten the magnet, you’ll need a tube fabric, such as a gym sock. To relocate or remove your magnet, you’ll need the fabric.

  • Place the magnet in the sock and bring it close to the gun safe.
  • In the safe, look for the solenoid. It’s frequently found near the lock.
  • Wait for the door to open while slowly moving around the magnet.
  • Because the location of the solenoid changes from model to model, you may have to wait for the magnet to locate it.
  • The real-earth magnet will re-lock the safe without causing any damage.
  1. Attempt to Drop the Safe

It works for some models, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Drop the safe gently or bounce one side. The lock will be reset, the safe door will be opened, and you will have access to the safe once more. Large gun safes are exempt from this rule. It is, nonetheless, a very practical solution for closed tiny safes.

  • Place the safe on a level surface and cover it with a cloth.
  • Raise one of the safe’s sides with your hand. It will enough if you elevate your head an inch.
  • Allow the safe to fall to the ground.
  • To see if the door has opened, pull it open.
  • If you don’t succeed the first time, give it another go. Gradually increase the drop distance. Check the door after each fall to see if it opens.
  • Don’t try to cover too much ground. The greater the motion, the longer the distance. Only moderate motions work with this strategy.
  1. Make use of a wire

You can use a wire to open a locked safe if you place it in the right spot and use the right tactics. Regardless of how thick and durable your safe’s door is, you’ll be able to detect at least a small gap between the door and the safe’s body.

To access the locking mechanism inside, put a wire, a paperclip, or a flat plastic straw into the gap. While holding the wire/paperclip/straw, place one ear on the safe’s door and listen for a sound in the locking region. The lock will unlock when it receives a small knock from the wire. Your safe will remain intact and no damage will be done to it if you take this strategy. 

You won’t have to worry about your locked gun safe now that you know how to break into one. With a little effort, you can recover access to the firearms and valuables inside your safe. If your gun safe is covered by a warranty, you can also contact the manufacturer to see if they provide any assistance. 

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