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Need A Lock Change Professionally Done ?

Matrix Locksmith will Replace / Change all Type Of Door Locks

Best Locks For Doors - Secure and Safe Home & Office

Searching to change locks on your property, whether its Residential or Commercial the factors you should consider before choosing the right lock are pretty much the same!

Entry door locks are a very important part of securing your property.

Prior changing locks Learn more the different options available


High Security door lock types


Home security is surly the most important to keep you safe!

One of the main factors to keep your home or office safe are the door locks.

Your premises is only as secured as the locks on its doors.  

Over time as you may understand that your current door locks are worn-out or no longer fit your security and privacy needs.

Its then when you need to change locks to ensure the safety & security of your home!


The digital keypad Lock works exactly like a the old fashion lock we all familiar with. Unlocking and locking doors, —BUT the comfort level and the modern appearance is the next level! . 


we will change your lock to perfectly fit your door

Our change lock services are most competitively priced and we provide the Best locks in the most reasonable prices.

Leading locks brands

Our Skilled locksmith are experienced with a wide variety of Residential and Commercial locks and keys .

We never compromise on the quality of the locks and key we provide . 

We work with almost all Lock brands 

Lock change on a new home

A Lock Change or Lock Upgrade is Simply A Phone Call Away

Its only takes a phone call or an Email, to get InTouch and schedule your change lock appointment.

As we work around your schedule considering your busy life style, we make it easy for you even to enquire about our Residential or Commercial locksmith services during the weekend.

Our Toronto  Locksmith will arrive to the required location for the change of locks, he will examine the door as well as the frame, the existing lock and will determine the right new modern lock you may consider to replace with .

The best and the inclusive way of changing your door locks is to include the handle as well, to fit best the complete look of having the same color and design. installing a brand new lock in its place.

The cost involved in change of lock varies between $65 to $285 per lock, depending on the quality, design and security level.

Matrix Locksmith is offering the best change locks installation for that perfect fit and finish !


5 Reasons That You May Need To Change Your Locks

Once you are straggling with your keys, and you have noticed that the key wont turn the lock to lock or unlock, it’s most definitely you need to either change the Lock cylinder or to replace the entire lock ,as this issue imply there is an internal lock damage.

If you have lost your Home or Office keys we can help. A locksmith will either Chnage lock to ensure that no one can gain access to your property or you can also consider a lock Rekey, as its the most common way of changing the combination of the pins and springs in the inner lock cylinder in order to match the exsisting lock to work on a brand new key and not to accept the old lost one. 

Lock Re-key is often the cheaper solution if you have lost your keys, the cost for a lock Re-key varies between $45 to $65 per lock. this will grant you with 2 new keys to your existing lock without compromising your safety .

A lock is a metal mechanism with moving part and mostly with a daily usage, eventually wears out.

To your question what should you do if the lock is damage , you should consider change lock at your earliest opertunity.

As this lock may still work with some difficulties like, key that sticks and hard to turn or door handle that doesn’t operates properly . you may find yourself lockout out of your house one day as all part will failure to unlock. This requires a locksmith call ! 

As a home owner, building manager or a business owners, when it comes to a door lock being broken due to break-in it puts your property in jeopardy, and security vulnerabilities.

the broken lock could be as simple as an issue with springs with the locking mechanism of the pi tumbler lock, Our professional locksmith can easily diagnose and repair the lock and the door . To ensure your security!

Before you move into a new house, so many people had access to your new house or business , such as inspectors, real-estate agents and the old home owners.

There for we always advice our customers to either change locks or Rekey locks to ensure you are the only one that has access to your property. 

Here's what our happy customers are saying...

Great customer service! remarkable workmanship! professional and responsive . Fist called and then communicated with text massages. communication was fast and to the point . Was looking for a change locks on a new house in Toronto , likely found Matrix Locksmith . The near by Toronto locksmith came and changed my front door lock , very pleased with my new lock. Highly recommend their locksmith service!



Frank Wals, Toronto
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“Matrix Locksmith team are incredibly valuable locksmith company for us for years now, they just recently they installed a push bar on our front door , very professional and affordable , Highly recommend!”
Ali, Etobicoke
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“I have a small safe, saw few good reviews on their safe services, I called them got a quote; the guy came and did his thing. Thank you!”
Mary, Earlscourt
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“Metric Locksmith, Dani, arrived quickly, on time and proceeded to discuss our needs and explained very well the pros and cons of the options for finishing the job. The locks were added and changed quickly, they look great, and work well. Thank you!”
Patrick, Woodbridge
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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”
Patrick, Woodbridge
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“I needed my locks changed urgently. I called and was able to get an appointment the same day. Dani was polite and professional. I would recommend Matrix for your locksmith needs.”


When To Call A Matrix Locksmith servicing Toronto and GTA? Once you have tried A DIY of a lock change, than you have probably by now understand that although its not a complicated installation BUT there are some details that only a professional locksmith can handle with. Qualifications and experience play in roll.

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