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Motorcycle Locksmith

Have A Motorcycle Locksmith to Cut a Bike key For You!

If any of the other methods of getting a key replacement does not happen,  and you have searched every when and looked for your lost Bike key , then you only remain with one final bullet to to get your motorcycle key .

Finally you have realized that choosing  a motorcycle locksmith is the Best cost effective and fasted service you can get your motorcycles key cut and programming, 

we provide 24 Hour Motorcycle Locksmith service in Toronto and the surrounding  area

Motorcycle locksmith, Motorcycle key cut

This is the Locksmith method! now that you understand that it will not be a good cost implication of the dealership methods. 

Dealers are most often highly-priced in their services. 

You should have noted that the step discussed here started with the easiest and most cheap method to the most explosive option of getting a replacement to a lost motorcycle key.

The Auto locksmith, Motorcycle locksmith –  could however be the only option for the new models of motorcycles which comes with advanced make that makes it hard to access the ignition cylinder as a security measure.

Some of these motorcycles come with the computerized cutting of the keys which makes it hard to obtain a key that can start ignition even after accessing the ignition cylinder.

Matrix Locksmith should be your First Motorcycle Locksmith Option, as our professional team, that is located and servicing Toronto and the GTA could be the only way out in such scenarios.

You will definitely need to push your motorcycle to the dealership center. This should be done after consulting the dealership with enough information on your motorcycle and confirming that the dealership can handle your case.  So before you push or take your motorcycle to the dealership 

Contact Our  Motorcycle Locksmith,  provides mobile motorcycle keys cut near you, will make you a new bike keys on the spot.

Please have the following documentation ready for the Locksmith

  • you need to have the VIN which stands for the vehicle identification number. It can be found in your ownership documents, in your insurance, or at the right side of the neck of your steering wheel. The VIN may not be easily spotted on the steering wheel as it appears black and therefore looking it out of your own documents might be easier.
  • With your VIN at hand, you also need to provide paperwork proving you are the owner of the motorcycle.
  • These may include your official title, the make and model of the vehicle together with the motorcycle registration number.


As for the requested documentation records that show you as the owner of the motorcycle is needed to avoid and prevent the theft of motorcycles .

In the case where you cannot prove ownership of the Motorcycle, you need to first settle that with the seller of the motorcycle who could have sold it to you or access other ways that will enable you to have ownership prove of owning the motorcycle to the dealership before requesting for a key replacement.This is done to avoid making a key replacement to a stolen motorcycle and from our locksmith company taking such responsibilities of theft. You need to call our 24hr locksmith line and get clarification on the specific ownership documents they need for proof before scheduling your motorcycle for key replacement.

The Locksmith may either consider changing the ignition cylinder or making a new key cut from a blank one by making the impression of the lock from the cylinder.

NO towing is needed for your motorcycle to the locksmith as our motorcycle key locksmith is near you, as part of our mobile locksmith service we understand that start the engine and rive it to the center due to lacking a key to start ignition.

Car Keys Specialist Motorcycle Locksmith Service. Call (416) 877-9297 For Motorcycle key Replacement, Key Copy, Ignition Repair and much more

Discipline is of importance here as you will need to identify several but limited number of places where you place your motorcycle keys when not using then. Train yourself to always stick to the places chosen until you catch up with the habit. Respect these places and ensure they are less disturbed positions where your keys can remain unmoved.

These places could be when you at home in different rooms where you enter first or change your clothes first as these are positions where you will need to place your keys somewhere first to be freehanded. Also, consider the place you should be placing your motorcycle keys when you are out of the house and not with the motorcycle. This could be in the pockets of your pants. Do not leave to consider a position for a day when you wear pants without pockets. Make it known to the rest member of the household of these areas where you are keeping your keys and inform them not to disturb the key as any slight mistake can lead to the keys getting lost.

Be in an organized environment not to Lose your Bike Keys

A messy environment be it in a house or office offers a suitable background for loss and misplacing of a Bike key.

The scattered stuff all over the place may conceal your keys and make the misplaced key forever missing requiring a key replacement. Therefore, clear your environment and ensure that order and organization are achieved. In such a scenario, it will even be easier to locate your misplaced keys when it happens. Moreover, if by whatever reasons you must keep your keys at a random spot, then verbally remind yourself at the time of the keeping of the keys that, “My motorcycle keys are on the sofa.” This gives the sub-conscious part of the mind to capture that information for memory and in reminding you where the keys are whenever you could be finding them.


Using a costume motorcycle key blanks holder.

It might be annoying and uncomfortable to have a conspicuous key holder in your ignition switch as you ride your motorcycle.

However, it is worthwhile in reducing the chances of the key loss.

The bulkiness that comes with such a key holder will always make you spot the keys easily even during the case when they are misplaced or lost.

Big key holders are not that bad as it may be felt. You can always choose something that you like to act as the key holder. An artistic design or beaded work works with me and I love it when it is hanging on my ignition switch with my wonderful customized quote reminding me to pull the key off always before leaving.

Bluetooth tracker. Car Keys Apple

This is the final suggestion I would make to you on preventing losing your keys.

A Bluetooth tracker is connected to the key chain in your keys and to a mobile application on your phone.

There are a lot of direct motorcycle Locksmith companies that are manufacturing and selling these Bluetooth trackers. This means you can always get one if need be.

The connection between the key chain and the app helps you track the exact position of the keys whenever they are misplaced from the app on your phone. It becomes easy to find your lost or misplaced keys using this Bluetooth tracker.

Areas to store the keys to avoid them being lost

I yesterday spoke a friend of mine who is a cop in our area.

He reported to me the increase in the number of stolen motorcycles direct locksmith in that area of Toronto.

However, he linked the increase to the habit of motorcycle owners of leading the keys in the ignition switches of their motorcycle when they pack.

You should not for any reason forget to remove your keys from ignition switch every time you pack your motorcycle. This will give the thieves and burglars a very easy to ride on your motorcycle on the way to stealing it. Do not leave your motorcycle key in the motorcycle even at the garage.

You do not need to take chances with the security of your motorcycle.

Moreover, having additional keys for your motorcycle is important in avoiding the situations of having no motorcycle key at all.

I recommended a set of three keys to a single motorcycle that can be easily accessed upon need.

One of the three keys should be your daily use key that is mounted on a conspicuous key holder for everyday use. It should the key you place in a special place at the house easy to access every time you want to use your motorcycle.

This could be placed in a bowl or hanged in a hook somewhere with little disturbance. It is the key you take every time you need to ride your motorcycle. Choosing to use the three of your motorcycle keys at once is attracting a situation where you lose them all.

The second key should be labeled and kept in a safer place in your house that is not frequently disturbed. This could be in a safe drawer or any other safe place within the house. This is the key you go to when you don’t find the first one. You should however ensure to make a copy of this second key immediately when you are out with it to replace the first lost key and retain the set of three keys you had initially.

The third key which is your last resort key should be placed in a small magnetic hide a key box that is found in the frame of your motorcycle. This is the key that you access in case you lose or misplace your other key in a place far away from home. Ensure that the spot the magnetic box is placed is secure and not visible to everyone as motorcycles do not have many hideaway spots than cars.

This key should never be lost and whenever used as the main key should be replaced immediately.

Your magnetic hide a key box should always have this key to cater for the emergency situations that can arise when you are far away from home.

Additional Questions – Motorcycle locksmith Toronto

What does a VIN represent in a motorcycle?

The vehicle identification number is associated with the frame of the motorcycle. This means that if you change the frame of your motorcycle, you should then have a new VIN for the motorcycle as the old one cannot represent the new frame.

What is the remedy for a frozen ignition switch?

In very low temperatures your ignition switch may freeze and make it hard to start the engine with a key. Some home remedies

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