Acura key replacement

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    Acura Key Replacement

    Acura key replacement

    Mobile Locksmith Pros Auto Key Copy & Replacement

    Matrix Locksmith is your fastest and cheapest solution for all your Volkswagen car key needs in Toronto, ON.

    Our professional licensed Bonded & Insured Automotive locksmith team will get you a Volkswagen key replacement same day, in no time 

    Our Locksmith Come To You Cut & Program Your Volkswagen Key Replacement

    Cars are meant to be driven from point A to point B. 

    Once misplacing your Volkswagen key or lose your Volkswagen car key, you are stuck!

    This can be a very frustrating experience, especially if you are in a hurry to go to work or somewhere else.

    We Will Arrive To Your Vehicle Same Day Of Your Call 

    To Provide You A Replacement Volkswagen Key

    Volkswagen car key duplication

    Programming key fobs

    Volkswagen key replacement Cut & Program

    All type of services at your location, Local Mobile Car Locksmith

    We’ve built our reputation on providing amazing service & exceptional workmanship.

    Best Toronto Locksmith Car Key duplicate
    copy car keys, duplication your current car key and get a spare key

    We care about every customer as well as every job — and it shows.

    Highly trained locksmith team to get you a Volkswagen replacement key same day you call!

    more than 20 years of experience providing Automotive locksmith services.

    Why choose Matrix Locksmith Toronto?

    ​​Car Locksmith Services Licensed & Insured 

    Our locksmith team is fully certified and insured approved with TAOL and the Best-Locksmith-Toronto we meet all the requirements by the authorities and you can trust us with top reviews from our customers at our Google profile .

    Affordable Volkswagen Car Key Replacement

    As we are aware of the dealership’s high cost car key replacement prices, and we are here to provide you with affordable service to get your car key replacement,

    We always ensure a better and a cost effective key fob programming, car key copy we even provide car door lock replacement with the most competitive rates. 

    Mobile Car Locksmith Services

    For your convenience  and hassle-free car key replacement, without having the need of towing the car 

    Our mobile car locksmith service, we arrive at your location and make the Volkswagen key replacement on the spot!  

    We service Toronto and the GTA surrounding cities.

    Fully equipped locksmith van with the latest up-to-date cutting car key machinery.

    This way you can have your Volkswagen key replacement  back in no time and save some money & time on towing. 


    On-Site, Volkswagen Replacement Key.
    We Cut & Program VW Keys To Any Model

    Eos​, ​Polo, Golf, Passat, Beetle, GTI, Jetta, CC, Atlas, Touareg, Tiguan, Touran​ 

    We make car keys at your location
    Locksmith Near You

    Getting a key made at the dealership can be expensive and time-consuming, we can replace the key to your car hassle free. Believe it or not, it is possible to have a copy of your car key made without the original.

    Volkswagen Key & Lock Technology Along The Years

    Transponder Keys & KESSY Type

    During the year of 2000 Volkswagen began using transponder keys in a few different Volkswagen models.

    A car locksmith has special authorized Volkswagen machinery to clone a cost-effective 

    and ​in an easy process and provides you with a spare car key.

    The latest car models are already using a different key system, still a transponder that needed to be programmed into the vehicle’s computer, using compatible diagnostic tools but in a case of a car key replacement,

    If you have lost all your car keys, a locksmith must reprogram the vehicle’s computer.

    KESSY – Keyless Entry & Keyless Start, began in 2007, only on some models. such as Volkswagen Tiguan, some Audi vehicles and other High end vehicles

    This programming procedure is much more complicated and requires a high level of skills for accurate performance .

    We at Matrix locksmith specialize with high end vehicles done at the most professional level. using state-of-the-art technology and well-trained staff.

    Frequently Asked Questions about - Volkswagen replacements Keys

    Most frequent questions and answers

    Keep in mind that only the legal registered owner can get a new key. First, you need to call us, your local Volkswagen locksmith. Please provide the location of your Volkswagen and your phone number and the locksmith will be dispatched your way!

    You can call your local dealer for the VW key copy, but this could take some time until the dealer will provide you back with a spare key.

    Call us your Local Toronto Locksmith. We can help you to get a new VW key supply cut and program with competitive prices and same day service .

      Definitely Not! The Minute key machines are only good in a way for a house simple key cutting , they are not equipped with transponder keys, more to that you have to program the key to your vehicle’s computer for it to turn on the car.   

    To replace a Volkswagen Key Battery you will need to get a CR2032 battery. 
    You can find it in Home Depot, Canadian Tire or even Walmart.

    If you have asked yourself “why is my VW Jetta, or VW Passat, VW Golf or Audi A3  keys not turning ” then first do not panic, we can help! our locksmith 

    This could happen due to 3 primary factors :

    1. Damaged key 
    2. Damaged ignition cylinder 
    3. Damaged steering lock 

    In any of those cases Matrix Locksmith Can assist on the spot, no towing is needed , and don’t need to pay dealer prices .

    Here's what our happy customers are saying...

    "I highly recommend Matrix Locksmith Toronto for car Volkswagen key replacement service services. The company was very swift in answering my phone call request for a locksmith - and they helped me to schedule an appointment easily and quickly."


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