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Residential Locksmith Services
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Residential Locksmith Services

As the most important locksmith in Toronto, Matrix residential locksmith service offers the widest variety of protection and access products in the market for home owners and contractors alike. Take a look at our vast catalog of security doors, locks, deadbolts, padlocks, keyless access control systems, CCTV and safes. All of our products are tailored for each one of our clients. If you are concerned about your security, you must call your trusted locksmith in Toronto with haste. Contact us and we will visit your home to talk about the best improvements to be implemented in your home. We not only install elegant and functional doors. We carry high security doors that can withstand direct break in attempts with the most common tools, and yet are modern and stylish.

State of the art locks and access control systems now provide the best protection from burglary, while adding a warming first impression to your guests. Take a look at our keyless locking systems that also grant you complete access control to your home or vital areas such as vaults and safe rooms. Never worry again about losing your keys or leaving them unsupervised. Matrix Locksmith serves the Toronto greater area, and complies with all the province and federal regulations related to product control and installation protocols. We make sure every product is installed according to manufacturer specifications and your security needs.


If you were a victim of a traumatic burglary, or you are in need of an emergency unlock or rekeying procedure, Matrix locksmith is the right choice. Property violation is very common in our urban environment, and it mostly leaves us completely at the mercy of other risks. If you see your door has been violated, call us and we will be right with you to replace your damaged lock for a newer and sturdier one.

If you suspect someone might have unauthorized access to your property, it is certainly time to perform a rekeying on all your doors. You do not have to incur in heavy expenses to change your still functional locks. Rekeying will change your locks inner configuration so they only accept a new key that is immediately given to you by our trained and efficient technicians. This is especially useful for dealing with uncooperative tenants.


Locks are great devices designed to keep your home safe and private. Although they are resistant and resist the passing of time, they eventually wear out or fall into obsolescence due to the new techniques devised by burglars to access your valuable possessions. Renovating your locks at least every five years is the best way to make sure you are always one step ahead.

It not only guarantees that your home is safer. It also prevents sticky situations where your locks get jammed because of grime build up, or the effects of severe weather conditions. One additional perk is that newer locks certainly give your home a renovated feel. Their size and mundane function might make you think little of them, but great looking handles and locks can really give a home a much needed touch of elegance and warmth.


At Matrix Locksmith we not only offer locks, deadbolts and padlocks for all your door, gates, cabinets and garage doors. We are also experts in security systems for residential environments. We offer:

  • Access control systems
  • Close Circuit Television systems
  • Intercoms
  • Safes

Prevention is paramount in the security industry. A well protected home is a guarantee of your peace of mind and privacy. If you are anywhere in the Toronto greater area, Matrix locksmith‘s residential locksmith service is your number 1 choice when you want to security and protection solutions for your home.

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