Broken Key Extraction
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Broken Key Extraction Toronto

Having a problem with your keys? Is your lock becoming hard to open? Did your key just broke off inside your lock?

Hearing that snapping sound as you turned your key is something you never expect but you certainly fear. As soon as you hear that terrifying sound, just stop!

Do not reinsert the rest of the key and try to open your door. The more you push the blade, the harder it will be to remove the broken part.

You must call the trusted experts at Matrix Locksmith right away. Our 24/7 emergency service was designed around the idea of immediate attention and total coverage for the Greater Toronto Area. Our mobile locksmith services have all the necessary tools for broken key removal from front door locks of any kind, car doors, trunk doors, padlocks and ignition cylinders.

Broken Key Extraction Toronto

Broken Key Removal Toronto

This is a tough one. Keys, as any other piece of hardware, also feel the effects of constant wear. Sometimes it is easy to know when a key is no longer in good shape. You have to wiggle it inside your lock in order to open it, or it looks like the key blade is about to detach from its head. However, we only notice it when it is too late and the blade breaks right when you turn it inside your lock.

Key Extraction of All Types

Extracting the broken key from your lock is really hard if you do not have the right tools for the job. Fortunately, Matrix mobile locksmith services come equipped with everything a master locksmith needs to extract your key within minutes without damaging your lock. We have the best broken key extraction service in Toronto, and that is why our team will also provide you with a brand new set of expertly made duplicates for your convenience.

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